May 14, 2007

Wing Chun - Chi Sao

In Cantonese, Chi Sao means sticky hands. This is one of the most important exercises in the Wing Chun system. Without Chi Sao, forms and drills are useless. Forms and drills are the soul of Wing Chun while Chi Sao is the heart of the system.

Chi Sao does not only prepare you for the fight. It also teaches you how to deal with stress, teaching you how to respond by panicking healthily, to react without thinking, and yet still be accurate and quick. Chi Sao combines hands and legs, and increases the ability for multiple, simultaneous activities as well as improving fitness, health, coordination, balance and developing the counterattack reaction - the 'automatic pilot.'

By practicing Chi Sao, you learn how to use your body effectively. When you have been hit, you know that you have made a mistake - Primarily, the objective is not to look for the hit, but to ensure that you do not get hit.

This is practised in Chi Sao by teaching your body to move fast, get out of the danger and then counterattack effectively, without thought being involved. By doing this, Chi Sao is the perfect preparation for the fight.

However, Chi Sao is not only aimed at fighting. It also teaches you how to deal with all kinds of stress. Chi Sao helps you to understand how to use your body naturally, effectively and bring out your intelligence.


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