Jun 30, 2010

Martial Arts Book Review: The Kyokushin Way by Masutatsu "Mas Oyama

Author of numerous books on martial arts and fighting, I'm always looking for books of exceptional quality to add to my library. If I have a book in my library, it is definitely worth owning. This book is Masutatsu "Mas Oyama" The Kyokushin Way. "

Like all great martial artists past and present, has an important philosophy Mas and significant not only to martial arts, but also on how your behaviorDaily life. Some of these philosophies can be a bit 'hard, but if you look at it from the perspective of a true martial artist.

In this post I drop you a line for each section and a brief overview of the rest of this section. It 'my opinion that most of this book and have actually read it several times a day during practice on a basis.

Before Aspirations:

This section begins with thefollowing statement of the author. "When I was a child we were always taught in a way never live to be ashamed in front of family, teachers or friends." In other words, do anything that would have been ashamed. Simple but brilliant!

We continue to have high expectations, if you really want to grow and reach more than the average. If your goals down, then you will only get little or no success. But if you have high goals, you mustconstantly strive to achieve these goals and if you do, success will be yours. wants a man who has everything will stagnate and wither and die. But the man who always wants more, work harder and continue to grow and prosper.

According Diligence:

"If someone asked me what time to devote to being a human being, the maximum amount from him, I would answer, training. Train more sleep. Whatever you pursue, of course, if you will not regret itmake this a hard-and-rules. "

This section applies Mas personal history and some of the problems he is young, before he devoted his life to the study of karate.

Third Courage:

"The quickest way is to get the courage to follow the path and be ready to abandon life itself for the sake of justice."

Everyone was afraid at one time or another, is like you who fear that what kind of person you are destined handleo. Mas himself admits in this section, in some moments of his life when he was a victim of fear.

Fourth Success requires Courtesy:

"We always think, kind, caring and must seek the usual practices of the society in which we live. One of the most important things in harmony, respecting the individual and society is civility and mutual respect."

You have to be not only strong but also soft and malleable, if necessary. As a formerU. S. President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt said: "He walks slowly and carry a big stick." The United States needs to return to this way of thinking and acting in the international community.

Fifth Parents:

"The length of time (3 p.m. to 20:00 years), in which the human parent needs care and protection of their offspring, that the relationship between parent and child are lower in men than in other animals."

It often amazes me that there seemsassume that we brought into this world.

Sixth Reasons for the fight:

"The man deserves the name must be willing to defy evil with justice, to the death if necessary. Without the willingness to work for justice in this way, what is life?"

Just because you can fight, does not mean you should fight.

Seventh Karate and Zen

"Zen is the union of bodies, the intentions and spirit.Unification of this type is the only way to human perfection and harmony with the universe. And 'Zen. "

To achieve a Zen state, we need to focus, but not too strong, otherwise hinder your efforts.

8th Breath Control and mind control:

"Oriental codes developed training systems for the specific body of spirit and unity. These systems are important not only for art and technical achievements, but on everyday life and morality as thegood. They consist of three methods: breath control, strengthening the stomach through breath control and meditation. "

various methods and techniques to breathe properly in order to develop power, are explained.

Ninth Love and Marriage:

"The woman is the greatest joy of man and his greatest pain. Men usually encounter three types of women: mothers, wives and seducers, the only objects of sexual desire. The way a person reacts to these women is one ofMost of the important elements of his life. "

Women should be loved and respected, but do not let it control them.

10th Keep Money in its place:

"Money is a social necessity. As a reward for work and for human blood, sweat and tears, is honorable. It makes me sad to know that whatever some judge people in terms of money and buy what they can."

Money is a necessary function of today's society, can not be excluded fromit.

11 Liberation, the ultimate truth:

"But the road is long for the truth. One of my mottos is: A person is still a beginner for a thousand days, he discovers the truth after 10,000 days of testing."

The road to truth is not easy, but it is attainable.

12 ° Today its meaning:

This section concludes the book with the state of Karate in the world, when it was first printed.

This book is out of print after the lasttwenty years and is very difficult to find. I have my copy on Ebay and paid about $ 100.00 for them. Money well spent!


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