Jul 19, 2010

Balancing Mind Training Martial Arts - and Body

A very special kind of training is crucial, because martial arts martial arts is about life and death. In a split second of your life is saved or done, and the result depends entirely on your preparation.

The opponents to face will be stronger, faster, better trained and more than decided to count on them. To think otherwise is fatal. He or she also learned that follows the body, mind and spirit that comes beforeBody, so that will train their minds and their bodies perfectly.

If you have done against an opponent who has taken time and enormous efforts required to stabilize its mind and not you, That it is a good chance your body is in that split second if you fail His life hangs in the balance.

The mind has its split second of truth, as his body split second between life and death, except that life is temporary, with the Spiritcontinued. This distinction has enormous consequences in terms of your psychological preparation for combat, and how to face a deadly enemy, if your enemy with confidence, clarity and courage, or face a split second split second of hesitation that unconscious fear of face.

be developed, since body and mind are connected, have both tangent. If one above the other, then developed the delicate balance necessary to cut the illusions and falsehoodssensory impressions are not maintained. This balance is crucial when you find the courage to face the reality of the situation to keep every face and be able to actually fail every fraction of a second. Once this delicate balance is disturbed, or has unterreagieren or overreact and turn out to be fatal, if an opponent before the balance of body and mind has mastered.

When training your mind, two things are essential - to focus andDiscernment. If the fire is weak, you can recharge your batteries in a single point of contact explosive. And when discernment not control, you will never have the confidence to act decisively and without hesitation extreme.

The training of the mind requires nothing less than a warrior. In the process of training the mind will be very effective dismantling of the things that have false illusions of victory, what are your what and who you really aream. In other words, you do your physical, mental and spiritual death, and nobody except you are the Executioner. I'm in a hole so deep and so real, so only that nothing in the unreal world which we call existence is nothing there to fall.

This experience is for the weak of will not, or those who are just experimenting with martial arts, this is for those who win regardless of the opponent, these are thefearless in the face of impossible odds. Those who are a true warrior in every sense of the word.

E 'for students of martial arts set to ensure victory for his extraordinary mind is how real the training, and even rarer for students to complete and follow the instructions. Only a few, a handful ever reach the peak of perfection of body and mind, confident that the training that the immortal realm. Fewsuccessful because the training is hard, not easy and the difficult thing that life in the attempt. The martial arts student is the dismantling of the ego, which is all that he or she believes in and relies on, and everything you believe to be, because defeat these beliefs and images, is sure to know

The amount of time devoted to training in martial arts should be shared equally between training the mindand physical education. Mind Training should not second seat body workout or an imbalance will lead to one. When the ego is growing and is not controlled, the defeat is certain. This is because the ego, are now psychologically constructed, is unconsciously afraid of death, and fear will be thin enough for the difference, if an experienced warrior first, without making his ego in my way. If you face the person immortal, you can see in their eyes,and it would be better to do, because there is no hesitation on their part, without illusions or images, just what should be done in the next second, and will be carried out efficiently and in an uninhibited center. In other words, focus on a place of transcendence.

As mentioned, when your mind training, which are two critical things - attention and understanding. If the fire is weak, you can recharge your batteries in a single point of contact explosive. And when discernment is not dominatedYou will never have the confidence of extreme and decided to act without hesitation. Both focus and insight to be developed jointly.

When the mind is focused, the mind must be concentrated. Then, after the mind is concentrated, it must develop discernment, which means that the mind must be focused to use his qualities to penetrate the illusion of existence with insight and wisdom on the existence and reality shows. This is crucial becauseThe reality is the land of the warrior, while the existence, and all the lies of existence, the land of losers.

To focus the mind, begins with sitting cross-legged on the floor cross-legged. Keep your back straight and your hands with your palms facing in her lap, one hand in the cavity of another, with his right hand on top. Then focus your mind. Focusing on breathing. How long you decide to sit down, his fate is not correct to move independentlypain or discomfort, and determine not move in the spirit of breath, what to pay whatever thoughts or emotions. You will know every breath and every breath from beginning to end. Your success or failure in achieving this is to control your mind must specify your own. If there are no control, there is no control in that split second in which life or death to be determined.

How precisely focus on each breath, the mind is enough to keep calmbreathing without effort. Then the body of this unusual peace, from conflict of thoughts and feelings will react. This reaction is physical. You feel your hair standing on your body as if you saw a ghost, and shook your body is like a bolt from the rack. You feel like washing with clean water on you and then flooding your body and you feel like you are floating. Then you feel incredible joy and incredible concentration of mind, followed by aFeeling of serenity, where the mind does not distinguish between anything. All things now, all the emotions and judgments disappeared. There's just the reality of 'what is' right now.

As you train the mind to concentrate, so start your training in the recognition by the examination of your physical body. And 'your body hair, imagine your head hair, nails, teeth and skin, and every organ. You can imagine the death of yourBody, and they see dead on the ground swell after a few days, then eaten by insects, animals, and then, until there is only bones and tendons with a smattering of blood from the left, then only the bones, and then a bunch of 'bones, bones, and then scattered until they melt and turn to dust on the ground with nothing but the forest floor.

Then, after the spirit of the tires of the investigation of the body, it will rest in the concentration and again until it is ready to study again. Then,continue to discrimination by the studio to develop themselves, because (the soul), please contact the world through the senses and sense organs like the elements of earth are made, not unlike any other creature or substance, and that the body is not only a part of the earth but the earth is, and eat the dead body of the earth, and to return dead plants on earth and one day on the ground.

It will examine how these sensory contact with an object seen, heard,smelled, tasted, felt or thought has, and how, after this first contact, there is an impulse to love him or hate him, and to draw as the first feeling, thoughts and emotions, to close the object, and if you love it facilitate the emergence push them away if you hate it. And like anything that distracts from your focus.

It will examine the existence and see if there is anything in existence does not change. If something can be permanent existence in thisFortunately that fear of losing it, and if it was a small man or woman behind the body and mind, a self that experiences exist. Or are we alone?

Then return to peace, focusing your mind. Have to concentrate the mind until the mind transcends a change of consciousness, where we let go of body and mind together, all in a shorter version. Then the insight and wisdom will be automatic. Regardless of what you see is in the worldis the reality of impermanence, the reality of their stress and reality of freedom from ego, has become a true warrior does.

This requires training, however. mental and physical training. It requires faith, determination, vision, attention, commitment and wisdom. But it is likely that apart from a thirst for truth and falsity, which provides boundless joy, and boundless energy, the calm face of danger,Equanimity, if they are in adversity, a focused and concentrated mind, and greater attention.

And the courage of a lion.


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