Jul 31, 2010

Can You Learn Martial Arts From Videos?

If you search the net for martial arts training, you will find thousands of sites offering to train you in various styles. Even though most are well presented and the persons in them are probably experts in their style, but can their teachings not get lost in the translation from T.V. screen to student? If the student is a total beginner i would say they could pick up the basic stances, punches, kicks and simple techniques.

What the beginning student can't learn from a video is timing and the flow of the techniques and maybe the small details of the technique. This is where you need someone to show you in person. When I was instructing some students would have a hard time getting the correct placement of hands to do a wrist leverage, I would have them do it on me and would adjust their hands until they got it. so i would say there is only so much you can learn. Something like weapons fighting might be easier to learn, because gross motor movements are involved.

If you are learning this way, go for it, but try to find someone who is experienced in what you are trying to learn, to show you the details. If your only option is distance learning, one way I have seen is two way video learning . The instructor sends you various things to learn by dvd, the student then learns the techniques and videos himself doing them and sends it to the instructor for review. The instructor can then watch and advise on any mistakes or adjustments that need to be made. With webs cams, now you could even get instruction in real time and can interact directly. I'm thinking about doing a knife fighting class this way, let me know what you think, you can contact me through my blog.


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