Aug 16, 2010

Martial Arts World - A 'introduction

Martial arts training or 'The Art of War "was developed from a need to protect oneself, family and community from any outside attack by rival groups, Raiders, winning forces, etc. . Over time, the developed regions of the world, many very different styles of martial arts fighting techniques.

Today martial arts are practiced all over the world and only the community were not, we know that wherever you arePlanet, you can bet that not much different from a class or teacher who is able, on the skills needed to make progress happen. The free time can often be considered "hard", which includes external physical strikes, kicks, blows, etc. "or soft", which uses internal concentration exercises as rhythmic breathing, the mind and visualization.

What types of martial arts around the world? Here is a brief list of some of the most popular countryStyles.


Often described as "Chinese boxing" or "Chung-kuo Ch'uan" translates something like "Chinese fist". China has hundreds of different "styles" of fighting on its large land mass, but the most common name for martial arts in China, "Wu Shu". What are recognized in the West as the most common forms of Wu-Shu, are:

Kung-Fu, one of which is the most popular form of Wing Chun, or "Beautiful Springtime", which is a mixture of hard and soft technologiesbut there are many other styles of Kung Fu.

Tai-chi, 'Supreme Ultimate Fist', a style can be soft or hard, depending on the type carried out their activities. It is usually taught as a form of healthy exercise, although their effectiveness as a martial art is often overlooked by many Westerners.

Pa-Kua (Ba Gua), "eight characters" (the eight-model line parallel-Ching), is a "gentle art", the circular movement speed, direction and up and down with the bikehigh speeds.

I-Hsing (pronounced Shing Yee), "the will or intention outside, the" uses rapid series of shots of power or strength in structured movement to attack enemies at once and pass defense.


Japanese Martial Arts Bushido combine Those were strong - "the way of warrior'-a moral philosophy and ethics developed after centuries of influence by the military. There are no hard and soft elements, and some styles emphasizedevelopment of energy "Ki (such as Chinese chi) through the control of breathing, controlled movement and concentration.

Karate is primarily striking art with a focus on external punches, kicks and open hand techniques.

Aikido, "the way of harmonious spirit", uses the power and momentum against them by opponents of change and redirect the attack throws and locks in common with.

Jiu-Jitsu, "the art of" softness, is trying to overcome an opponent with minimumForce. Developed with less emphasis on striking because of the problems associated with an attack against an armed opponent. It uses the launch, capture and joint locks.


Taekwondo, "came the way and beaten," is the national sport in Korea but its popularity has spread worldwide. It relies on leg strength as the main weapons developed many techniques and kicks. It's about the conditioning of the legs to make hard, powerful shots.

Hapkido, "the waycoordinated power / energy ", used circular motion (imagine water flowing around an obstacle) and flowing movements to an opponent, but with point strikes, joint control block, throws and grabs. There is equal emphasis on kicking, hitting and punching.


Muay Thai or Thai boxing, "the art of eight limbs", is Thailand's national sport. The eight points of contact (hands, shins, elbows, knees, hands and feet) are used to find an opponent.have compared it to Western boxing as two points of contact - the fists would. This is a tough and demanding style of fighting that perseverance and hard body needs air conditioning.


Eskrima is a martial art involving sticks, walking sticks and sword techniques.


Pencak Silat is a style of Max includes many different aspects depending on the region and local traditions, but focuses on complex foot movements andHand attacks. At lower levels there is an emphasis on inner "technical" magic and mental practices.

Brazil / South America

"Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu," which originally imported from Japan, focuses on the conflict and struggles on the ground, which means that the biggest opponents any particular advantage over a smaller person can. The art includes original as choke holds and tactics common locks. This art is also a martial art and asports. The "Gracie family are famous for their brand and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is probably the best known representatives of this style.


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