Oct 5, 2010

Learn Martial Arts Online - Home Practice

This is a really good skill to have and after 30 days it becomes a habit, your progression rate will be far greater than those who only attend a class or two a week. At first ten minutes is a good time to start with. It's no time at all and everyone can spare ten minutes each day, even if it means putting on the electronic brain reducer a little later!

Practice all areas of skill and mix your martial arts training, shadow spar, bag work and partner work.

Fit your training in with goals, so decide where you want to be "begin with the end in mind", which is personal Leadership and then begin to marry your goals with your daily actions which is called personal management. Remember it's stupid to want something and do nothing about it. So if you want to be a competitive fighter start putting a plan of actions together, regular sparring, pad sessions, conditioning, weight training and so on.

Remember martial arts are about self discipline so be strong and stick to your goals, don't fall into the trap of "I'll do it tomorrow". Remember practice doesn't make perfect it makes improvement, never get to the stage where you feel that you've got it and it can't improve. If you get to this then there is no room for improvement. There's always space to practice, there is always room for improvement. After all even the undefeated world champion practices his martial arts, so why don't you?


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