Nov 17, 2010

How To Train For MMA - 3 Things Fighters Forget

MMA is exploding with popularity and giving birth to many new students all around the world. Training your heart out and depriving yourself of necessary aspects of health can prevent can actually slow down the process of being a progressive fighter. Take note of these tips and keep your focus on them throughout your entire training camp.

Diet and Nutrition.

You need to eliminate fast food from your right away. Plain and simple.

Plan on eating more green vegetables, and getting away from the trans-fats and saturated fat foods. Start eating almonds for some of the best energy you can get.


If you're planning on training for a fight you need to focus on your time in the club, and outside training strength and conditioning. You can't get everything you need from going to different martial art training classes.

You will need to set up more times to train with partners that are better than you. Having a quality MMA training program or plan can help you learn the things you need to know that you can't learn in a class.


You need to get to bed at night. Most people need an 8 hour sleep to function throughout the day. When you're training for MMA you may need even more sleep and rest to repair your muscles, and regain energy stores.

You can drink coffee and energy drinks all you want, but it will eventually catch up with you and you will crash.

Most of these tips are fairly obvious but often overlooked. Take them into more consideration of the start and get the edge over your competition.


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