Nov 30, 2010

Learning Baguazhang Kung Fu Through Martial Arts Video Training

Baguazhang is an internal style of Chinese martial arts based on the eight trigram or eight basic principles laid out in the Yijing or "Book of Changes". Students can now learn Baguazhang Kung Fu from good mixed martial arts training videos.

Effective martial arts video training on Baguazhang places emphasis on using the open hand over the closed fist. This system is based on the theory of continuous change of response to the situation at hand, in order to overcome your opponent through the application of skill rather than brute force.

Martial art training videos present this type of Kung Fu as an art which is based on evasive footwork and a type of "guerilla warfare" strategy which is applied to personal combat. As a fighter, you will be required to rely on skill and strategy, as opposed o the direct use of brute strength or force against force to overcome your opponent. The strategy used in this system calls for constant change in your response to the spontaneous and live quality of the combat that you are engaged in.

This Kung Fu system is very circular in nature and relies almost entirely on open hand techniques, as well as the full body movements to achieve its ends. It also involves spinning movement and very evasive footwork. The footwork and body mechanics involved enable you to set up and execute these techniques, even as you simultaneously, quickly and smoothly change movement direction and orientation. Through this system, you will learn to be evasive and adaptable, which will greatly reduce the amount of physical strength you will require in performing these techniques successfully.

Baguazhang teaches the basis of its various styles - the circle walk practice. Here, you will be required to "walk the circle" as you hold various postures and execute palm changes. These palm changes are short movement patterns which train your body mechanics and enable you to generate momentum during combat.

For your training, you will begin with basic movements whose aim is the training of fundamental body mechanics related to this art. These exercises will enable you to familiarize yourself with how it feels to maintain the correct alignment of your body, as well as how to focus mentally while in motion. This system also emphasizes that the power of the whole body is always much greater than the power wielded by its isolated parts; which is why the power of the whole body is employed in every movement of this Kung Fu system.


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