Dec 28, 2010

Martial Arts Training Equipment

Their are numerous forms of martial arts that are trained to learn techniques for combat. One must decide which art is right for them as well as their purpose for the training. Training in the arts combines learning self-defense techniques, fitness training, or training for combat sports. No matter which style of martial arts you train in there is equipment that will assist you in becoming the best martial artist you can be. Here we list of a few of those items and explain why they are important in the martial art of your choice, whether it be Tae kwon do, Judo, Karate, or numerous others.

Building your leg muscles along with Stretching is very important in your martial arts training, and one way to quickly help with getting high kicks is a split leg machine. These split machines have seats that are padded, with spreader arms that you legs sit on. When the lever is cranked the spreader arms move apart. This is to be done until the tension is low to moderate tension in the inner thigh muscles. Hold this position for a count of 30. After this try to turn the lever a little more extending the spreader arms further apart. This is the position you will hold for a full minute. This is the main stretch that will get you those high kicks. The split leg machine should be done daily to increase flexibility.

Another core piece to your martial arts training is the punching bags also going by the name heavy bag. Either the bags can be hung from a wall/ceiling or the base can be filled with sand/water to give it weight so it won't fall over after being kicked or punched. Bags that hang should have strong, heavy chains and a weighted, stable stand.

Kicking bags are another important equipment that should be used in training. Most of these are made with high impact foam that covers reinforced vinyl. These kicking bags are made to so they cover the arms and abdomen of the person holding the bag. There are handle that the holder can grasp on the back side of the kicking bags, thus giving the holder a strong hold to take on the most powerful of kicks.

The last critical piece of martial arts equipment are the shoes. These shoes should have non-slip soles which increases balance. If you notice the traction of the shoe has a circular look towards the ball of the foot to allow for the foot to spin on the mats. This is very important to lessen the likely hood of a knee injury from the torque place on the knee when doing round or side kicks. Martial arts shoes provide better hygiene, since the bare skin of the foot doesn't come into contact with the mats/floor.


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