Jan 2, 2011

Martial arts self defense - Why Martial Arts attack pressure points for self-defense?

Martial arts school to identify and use the techniques applied to pressure points of the attacker. There are a number of these points throughout the body. Many times when pressure is applied by the attackers and pain felt an attack can be stopped. In this article we will show why the importance of pressure points during a round of self-defense.

Pressure points are the nerve endings throughout the body. Martial arts and self defensePractitioners are taught, where are the areas most vulnerable points. If a victim can be attacked with a blow, a pinch of printing, or for one of these nerve endings. This can be incredible attackers and end the confrontation.

Often attack the pressure points in self-defense is the only option was a victim. pressure point manipulation can be as effective as any martial art technique striker to undergo a. The ability to maintainpressure point techniques successfully requires a thorough knowledge of the human nervous system. The capacity is to stop an attacker quickly essential to maintain not seriously injured.

Hitting some parts of the body causes an involuntary reaction of the nervous system. These nerves are the sympathetic nerves and cause a sympathetic reaction. If the nose hit the tears in his eyes. If an eye with a finger or thumb closes the other eye is concerned. A man has no control over theseAnswers, automatically. A sympathetic response can confuse or delay an attack long enough to escape for the victim.


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