Jan 19, 2011

Martial arts training techniques

begin teaching the martial art, we take for granted the person who teaches If the study shows us all we need is to know the art we do. In most cases, it is not true. Your teacher will tell you to do so, step this way. What did he say, she is the very basis of what you do.

The baselines of the movement of most martial arts are the same. The lines of movement that are easy for most> Martial Arts are:
Straight Lines



Arts such as karate only deal with the head of aggression, from center, right, left
or forward or backward.

Arts Kung Fu how to use all three principles, with straight lines, angles and circles in combination
second thing is happening.There are some lines like Chinese martial art Wing Chun
that residency starting with an opponent and strikesstraight lines.

Some arts only circular motion to direct their opponents and use of energy, that to their advantage. This redirection of energy could help someone to throw a lot less or take down someone much bigger. Boxes used with circular footwork movement strikes straight or curved.

No matter what your martial art of choice is that you are using some if not all of these principles.
There are many books, but many do not go into detail about whyYou can see step by step here or participate in one way or another way.The next time your teacher will give you a technique to apply the model of the movement, if he / she can explain to you. If not, do not worry, most of us trained to step in just this way, step this way, while learning the techniques.

He began studying the techniques learned and see if you can tell when you are on a straight line, angle, or enhancement of a circular motion.Once can identify these bases, the techniquesImprove a lot.


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