Apr 22, 2011

Learning Aikido With Martial Arts Training Videos

Aikido is a form of Japanese martial arts whose performance involves the blending of the attacker's motion and the redirection of the force of the attack, instead of opposing it head-on. It is now possible to learn the principles of Aikido through some basic martial arts video training.

The basic Aikido principle requires very little physical exertion because the aikidoka or aikido practitioner will "lead" the momentum of the attacker through the use of entering and turning movements. This technique can be learnt from training videos and are completed with a variety of joint locks and throws.

Martial Art Training

Training videos provide training in aikido which covers both physical fitness and conditioning and specific techniques. The first thing you will learn as a student is how to fall and roll safely, as well as the specific techniques for attack including both grabs and strikes. You will also learn about defense techniques which consist of pins and throws. Once you have grasped the basics from your video training, you may thereafter study freestyle defense against multiple attackers, as well as other techniques and styles using weapons.

Learning Aikido With Martial Arts Training Videos

Martial art training videos contain physical training goals to be pursued in aikido such as controlled relaxation, endurance and flexibility, with less emphasis on strength training. You will learn that aikido more commonly involves extending or pushing movements as opposed to the contracting or pulling movements. Training for aikido places emphasis on using coordinated whole-body movement and balance which is similar to Pilates or yoga. For instance, most classes will have the dojo beginning with warm-up exercises - junbi taiso, which comprises of break falls and stretching.

Mixed martial arts training videos offer aikido training primarily based on two partners practicing pre-arranged forms or kata, as opposed to freestyle practice. This basic pattern will have the uke or receiver of the technique initiating an attack against the nage or thrower, who will neutralize the attack with an aikido technique. In the process the uke will learn to be more calm and flexible in the off-balance and disadvantageous positions that they are placed by the nage. On the other hand, the nage will learn how to control and blend with attacking energy. The uke will constantly seek to regain their balance and cover their vulnerable points such as a side that is exposed; while the nage will use timing and position to keep the uke vulnerable and off balance.

Learning Aikido With Martial Arts Training VideosSweep Drill at Futo-Kan MMA - Littleton Tube. Duration : 0.98 Mins.

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