Jul 27, 2011

Femii Thai featuring Olos - Broken Record

Femii Thai featuring Olos - Broken Record Tube. Duration : 3.55 Mins.

Promo video for Femii Thai's latest song "Broken Record" featuring Olos FEMII THAI "BROKEN RECORD" ON CHANNEL AKA Text AKA followed by a space and then the vote number: 4849 TEXT AKA 4849 TO 71000 TO REQUEST THE TRACK ON THE CHANNEL (£1) CALL 0800 612 2467 DURING THE FREE REQUEST SHOWS (FREE FROM LANDLINES, MOBILE CHARGE APPLY) The video is on UK Tings (3am - 6am daily) Free Request Show (4pm - 7pm daily) Hottest 20 Street Bangers (7am - 8am most mornings)

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