Jul 2, 2011

The importance of the practice of self-defense martial arts

The concept of martial arts and practical self-defense training is not new to each of us. Through movies, magazines and television shows, we have all been in touch with the martial arts. Bruce Lee films we've seen in a theater packed, and also purchased the DVD of the movie at home watching her unlimited number of times.

We all love the martial art we admire the different forms of this great> Art and respect those who have been trained in martial arts. Many people develop an interest in this art form and decided to get training in martial arts. Today, in every town and city to find a martial arts club or one of the easiest school assignment. Schools and institutes for professional training in the martial arts are available almost everywhere.

Martial Art Training

Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai kick Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, judo, karate and Silat are just some of the known forms of this art of self defense. Martial art has used a very broad term used to summarize and complete the various practices, forms and styles in a fight. Practical training in the formation of self-defense weapons, grappling and strike three specific areas of focus and are interested. These are further divided into sub-types and styles of martial arts> Training.

The importance of the practice of self-defense martial arts
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Hitting has three important ways to synthesize nearly all forms of martial art that includes various types of strikes.

• Kicking: Taekwondo, Savate and Capoeira

• Stamp: Wing Chun, Western boxing

• Other types of attacks: Karate and Muay Thai

Weapons training is divided into two sub-divisions of traditional and modern weapons. Jukendo, the style of martial arts is included in the modern Weapons, while fencing, Eskrima, Kyudo, Gatka and traditional forms of training weapons.

Grappling involves holding techniques (judo and wrestling), Lock Joint (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido and Hapkido) and throwing techniques (Sambo, Glim and jujutsu).

The importance of self-defense training is its ability to draw us the experience necessary to provide protection even in harsh conditions. Those who want to learn more styles of martial lawArt> can Silat, which has very similar moves and techniques of judo techniques of Muay Thai to go.

In Silat, students should be subjected to 7 - Training program, students understand the philosophy of each discipline in Silat obviously necessary. There are, Bunga (the columns of the Silat offensive and defensive positions), Jerzy (the art of attack and defense of Silat is the weapon with his bare hands), Belebat (the art of unarmed self-defense), Tapak (stepModels), buah Pukul (practical self-defense, the action moves fast), Tempur Seni (art of fighting is with weapons or bare hands) and Tempur Bela Diri (self-defense fighting with weapons or bare hands). Looking at the 7 - Training program will give you an idea of how hard the workout is. With each program has its own objective result, each Silat exponents, that their program should be able to defend himself in a dangerous situation over.

Here are someself-defense moves and techniques that most of Silat exponents must be master, to receive their track record of completion in Silat and entitled "Pendekar 'or warrior Title:

* Elakkan movements or avoidance technology

* Tangkisan or blocking technology

* Tangkapan or fishing technique

* Amuk or lash out with due diligence

* Weapons system as a scythe, sword, mace, or a short wavy kris daggerRopes, hardwood walking stick, a dagger with a straight edge and Trisuli done.

So the learning of practical techniques of self-defense, not only are prepared in an emergency situation, but it can also help the danger and the unexpected situation that happens wherever you are and what you do in your way to normal life.

The importance of the practice of self-defense martial artsMuay thai Feminino- treino Video Clips. Duration : 3.25 Mins.

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