Jul 7, 2011

Police cars Defense Training - What is the best martial art for law enforcement officers (LEO)?

It seems that the police would not need to watch martial arts training, given the fact that they have their own police tactical programs. Yet many people know that Leo is learning that as a police tactic only part of the training they need.

For many different reasons, law enforcement defensive tactics training sufficient to meet the needs of today's frontline officers to search for what many> Formation of martial arts programs. ... The question is then

Martial Art Training

"Which martial art is best for LEO?

Police cars Defense Training - What is the best martial art for law enforcement officers (LEO)?

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The truth is that while all martial arts have their strengths and weaknesses, a large part of this equation is actually the teacher teach the particular system focused. And while many such systems are not good training for police officers - especially policemen street - almost any stylesomething to offer.

I'm going to talk about the "teacher factor" in another article. Right now I want to focus on what a particular style should be able to provide competent and ready to LEO if he or she must be willing and able to address the current suspects, offenders, victims and the wounded, the agreement put Eyelashes focus from a state of panic and confusion.

There are two primary considerations, Leo must take into account when any kind of training. Again, this articleNot the "teacher factor", the third Professional account.

These two primary considerations, where the "style" of martial arts concerns are:

1) The responsibility and compliance with the use of force doctrine and ...

2) The strategic and tactical control of so many types of attack scenarios and situations as possible

The first consideration - the use of violence and legal liability can not be overlooked by professional police officers. Even in spitting face and violent protesters, the LEO and control his actions are intense - both internally, as-well-as outside the department for which they work.

In this light must be a policeman to be very careful to think, no joke, that he might be able to use on the brutality and techniques in the MMA sports arena, or proposed, and many of the popular "harder" forms of arts Martial> Paragraph.

However, having said that, the police officers who think seriously the safety of themselves, their partners and the people who are trying to protect, can not afford the systems that are too passive thin, too long, "Master" or those who leave gaps in training and not necessary and common scenarios that are regularly collected for.

And 'this "completeness" requires that the martial art Ninjutsuthe parcel. And while many people, including those trained in the art today believe that ninjutsu - the armed and unarmed self-defense system of the oldest families in Japan Ninja - something that is portrayed in the film, the art is actually a very complete system, the may need special skills of a group to adjust, or in a particular area.

Nor does this not suggest that any other system will not be used to help an officerThe achievement of certain skills in the street. But, if LEO skills, techniques, strategies and tactics for us ...

1) avoid using psychological techniques for de-escalation of the situation and that it "must be physical"

2) control, containment and the subjugation of violent quickly and effortlessly

3) the use and defense against the offender armed with a firearm

4) defend against the attacks of clubs, as-well-as a greater knowledge in dealing with the policeStick

5) teamwork and to control and stop a dangerous person

6) The defense against catching, wrestling, fighting or attack

7) Use pressure points to control the aggressive person

8) the unarmed defense against an attacker with a knife or other weapon armed

9) In many attackers defense for situations in which up to reach

10) and others ...

All the same professional attitude and presence ...

Ninjutsu is thenthe best choice because it has all this professional law enforcement in the 21 Century offer.

Police cars Defense Training - What is the best martial art for law enforcement officers (LEO)?Tommy Cooper's karate class Tube. Duration : 5.38 Mins.

Tommy Cooper as a black-belt karate expert. Note his amazing reflexes. Very inspirational.

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