Aug 27, 2011

Flexibility and strength of Martial Arts

Flexibility is the range of motion you have in your joints. Some say that this definition only applies when there is no outside help to move the joint, but it is not correct. If the joints a greater degree of movement, if aided by an external force, then the degree of movement defines the flexibility.

Therefore, if he wants to strengthen the muscles, and these act as the external force, then the flexibility of the joints allow a greater range of motion wereYour muscles do not exert that degree of strength.

Martial Art Training

To put it simply, if you have a high degree of flexibility in the joints, the stronger you are, the more you will be able to put that to use the flexibility in the movement that you have available. It goes without saying that the more flexibility you have in a martial art, the better.

Flexibility and strength of Martial Arts

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However, people do not have the same range of flexibility in their bodies. More specifically, the flexibilityin one area or direction of movement of a specific link does not imply that the flexibility in another. Therefore, the fact that you get full capacity to complete a perfect front splits does not infer that you have the same control over the slot side, even if it's the same hip joint is involved. The two are not connected. An appropriate exercise program developed for flexibility should therefore provide a good flexibility in all joints in all directions of movement that fights for the arts Studied art.

Flexibility training should be done in combination with strength training so that the range of flexibility can be achieved to its full potential through the muscles that move the bones in the joints are used. There is no truth in the belief that flexibility and strength of the trade. Supreme force is simply the highest use of the flexibility gained through training.

However, there are more than a militaryArt> tension and relaxation are of utmost importance. The tension is identified with the power and strength while relaxing with speed and flexibility is identified. Russian Cossacks used to train with their swords standing up to their waists in water and cut into the water with their blades. When he was tired, he would learn to relax on the downward movement and tense, and their power at the time of the strike.

The results were amazing and fantastic. A Cossack could slice a man ofA shoulder with a sword Laser saddle. All through the use of relaxation and power at the right time. This can be simulated by a large eraser. About three inches by one inch square is about right. Keep it compressed in a fist and explosively. Do it with your core competencies. Squeeze hard on the maximum explosion pressure, as if you were punching. Then just as quickly recovered. Repeat this throughout the day - explosive compression and relaxation faster. FinallyThey can contribute to this rapid fire tight-loose-tight sequence without thinking.

It is a relaxation technique, but can not replace the experience of the struggle, because fear can not help hitting in front of a dress. However, if this for a few hours every day to do (easier than you might be worn to the gum in my pocket, I believe), you will find that you relax your fist until the moment of the strike, if you want maximum performance at the question.

If in boxing or karate, thisImprove performance and endurance. Combine this flexibility with the training and be on the first step to reach dimensions in martial arts karate or other explosives. Russian training methods to help you develop total control of relaxation and explosive power to use your strength and flexibility.

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