Sep 16, 2011

Using Martial Arts Training to Develop Your Chi

Many people are involved in the martial arts but believe it or not most of them are not there to learn self defense. They are there to their health, physically and spiritually. All that moving around gives you an aerobic workout, the stretching makes you much more flexible, and the various muscle-building exercises build lean, healthy body tissue for you, as well. However, what many of us don't realize is that the most beneficial gain in health from martial arts comes from the practice of chi development.

Chi development is shown to be a highly effective way of improving overall health and a cure for a wide array of illnesses. It is also the reason why experts in the martial artists can perform physically impossible feats generate incredible inner power and speed with little or no apparent effort. Here are a few steps to help you find your inner chi through martial arts and meditating:

Martial Art Training

As you start, you will need to become aware of your chi. Do this through meditation. Chi is the inner power you hold and is what gives you the strength to accomplish feats such as breaking boards with your bare hands. Chi also helps your confidence. In order to meditate and find your chi, you will need a quiet setting where you can sit comfortably with no outside interruptions. Aim for about twenty minutes or so of no outside interference. Meditating involves breathing deeply from your diaphragm, inhaling and exhaling. As you are doing this, visualize all stress and tension leaving your body as you exhale and with every inhale fresh air and positive energy enters you. Now you want to focus in on your different muscle groups. Take one set of muscles such as the ones in your shoulders and tense them up for a few seconds and then relax them. Once you've worked one body group, you can begin with another. Continue doing this until your whole body is fully relaxed. Move on to another area until your body is fully relaxed. Now you will get rid of all those stressful thoughts from your mind completely. Concentrate on the rhythm and movements of your body. Try to feel your blood flow, listen to your breathing, and empty all thoughts in order to truly feel the natural rhythm of your body. Empty your mind of stressful thoughts and concentrate on the rhythm of your body. Now picture in your mind a string or rope attached to your inner being. Imagine that rope slowly pulling your spirit upwards to the top of your head. Back to working on your breathing in this step. Concentrate on your deep breathing and lower it to about an area three inches below the navel and two inches inward. This is known as the the tan t'ien and is the center of your chi. Now that you know how to meditate, you'll want to do this every single day. I find that early morning works best for me. Once, you've become more comfortable in these breathing exercises, you'll notice that you can sense that rhythm of internal energy without much thought going into it. Now that you have found you chi, let your mind it throughout your body. As you do so, you'll begin to feel the increased awareness and energy that comes with as well.

Using Martial Arts Training to Develop Your Chi


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