Oct 30, 2011

Easy Steps On How To Increase Your Striking Power And Strength In Martial Arts Training

Many people ask me how to increase their strength and then applying it to their martial arts training program. Well there is a simple way and one of the many methods available to you. The importance in increasing power and strength in your blows is to increase strength in the dynamic movements of all your articulations and the spinal column. If these are blocked or rigid you will have less efficiency in your kicks, elbow strikes, grappling techniques and punches. First buy yourself different size sledge hammers. If you're not used to it start light and buy a 3 Kilo sledge. I suggest you buy a 5 Kilo then possibly a 7 Kilo. You can get them from a local supermarket for a starting price of US10 dollars. Go out to an open door area, preferably in a safe place where you have plenty of room and not going to break anything around you. Grab the 3 kilo sledge hammer and position yourself in a boxing position with your legs.

Let's say left foot forward and right foot back in a diagonal position well balanced. Your hands need to grab the handle of the sledge hammer and have the left fist on the top and the right fist behind the left. The idea is to create circular movements with both arms from left to right doing a circle on each side of your body, trying to establish a loop or a number eight formation the idea is to do it slowly and not use the force in your arms, the hands and wrist must be tight but relaxed and flexible and you must concentrate on full rotations. You will find that initially you may feel sore at first but gradually you can build up the amount of times you do the rotations. The fundamental thing is to concentrate the work on your back and legs, allow these parts of the body to build up the power in increasing what I call tortion power. This tortion power will inevitably increase your power to generate more powerful blows from your back and legs. You can change grips and position of your legs doing it on the opposite side. I find it as a good all rounder. You can implement this to a weight training schedule and do it for last after you completed your weight training. You will find it keeps your shoulders, elbows and wrist joints very flexible and increase the dynamic strength capacities of the whole body.

Martial Art Training

I would start on 3 sets of 20 per side. Then as time goes by you can increase the weight as I do by adding weight to the existing bar. Ie: I add 3-5 Kilo weights gradually and over a period of time that my dy has gotten used to the work load. Note that at the moment I have increased my weight capacity to 17 Kilos and expect to add another 5 Kilos next month all the best, good luck and remember not to be in a rush and you will find that your overall body power and strength will increase almost immediately!

Easy Steps On How To Increase Your Striking Power And Strength In Martial Arts Training
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