Oct 8, 2011

How To Choose The Right Martial Art Equipment?

So you want to be a martial artist - what style are you into that you feel the most
comfortable with? When you first get started on your journey to being a martial artist, it's
rather hard to choose your style. Karate, kung fu, boxing, judo, kickboxing, jeet-kun-do...?
You'd be amazed at so many different forms and styles there are for you to choose from.
Believe me, the answer always lies deep within yourself. You know it all along, don't you?

Let's take a better look at yourself first and then worry about what styles to choose from
before choosing the appropriate equipment for your daily training.
Let's look at yourself in the mirror: are you slim and tall, or are you rather stocky and
full of muscle? Are you more likely to stand firm on the ground when faced with potential
challenge or dangers, or flight as quickly as you possibly can? Are you more of a 'red
fiber' muscle type, or just the opposite, the 'white fiber' type?

Martial Art Training

Now all these will not only help but also are essential factors in determining which style
or form of martial arts are most appropriate for you. For example, if you're slim and tall
with longer limbs, you'd be best at long range movements such as Taekwondo, Karate, Thai
Kickboxing and the like. It's especially so when you're also the 'white fiber' muscle type
and flight rather than fight when faced with dangers. Your responses tend to be quicker but
your power seems to be lacking though.

How To Choose The Right Martial Art Equipment?
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If you happen to be with the other type: 'red fiber' muscle type, more stocky and muscle,
more likely to stand on your ground and fight against any potential challenge, your
movements will tend to be slow but your hits are whole lot more stronger with force than the
former type. Then you're more likely to perform better in styles such as Wing Chun, Hung
Kar, most of the Kung Fu styles from the southern part of China, judo, wrestling, boxing,
and the like.

After carefully choosing your most appropriate styles will you then choose your martial art
equipment because different styles and forms of martial art will have very different
requirements as to what equipment to use. For example, a huge hanging punch and kick bag
will be more suitable for Karate, Taekwondo, Thai Kickboxing training rather than for the
Wing Chun practitioners who require only a square punching bag to hang onto the wall for
training their 'inch-punch.'

Knowing your style is then considered the most important factor in determining what martial
art equipment you'd need. Don't be misled by those ads out there telling one way or the
other. Martial art is a way of life, and it's your own life and don't let anybody manipulate
it. You're your own boss and don't give your own power away - this is the reason you want to
be a martial artist, isn't it?

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