Dec 5, 2011

Can You Really Learn Martial Arts and Self-Defense From Seminar Training Only?

What do you do when, you want to pursue the study of the martial arts or learn real-world self-defense and there are no schools near where you live? What do you do even if there are martial arts schools or self-defense classes being offered in your local area but...

...they're just not up to par with what you want or need.

Martial Art Training

How can you get what you know you need without compromising quality and settling for what's available or, even worse...

Can You Really Learn Martial Arts and Self-Defense From Seminar Training Only?

Karate For Kids Review.

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...not pursuing your goal at all?

Well, you have two choices, really... can accept defeat or the fact that maybe your standards are too high and settle for what's available, or... can do what scores of very skilled practitioners have done before you. You can take advantage of the benefits of seminars and camps to get the knowledge you need from the best teachers there are.

Instead of "settling" and approaching your training with what amounts to a "victim's mentality," you can take control of the situation. Instead of whining, complaining, and making excuses - you can take action - one of the main traits of a warrior.

With all of the power and rich information pool of the internet today, it is impossible to NOT find what you're looking for in the way of martial arts training. There are literally hundreds of seminars, from half-day workshops to full weekend events, and from one and two-day intensives to full-blown ninja training camps; and they're all there for the students who are willing to plan a little more, focus a little more, and be ready to travel a little farther than everyone else who HAS "settled."

Can you really learn martial arts and self-defense from seminar training only? I know it's worked for me and many of the most proficient experts that I'm associated with. In fact, most of my training career, at least in the early days, was during a time when I was serving with the US Army and stationed in places like Korea and, what was then, West Germany.

Were there martial arts clubs and groups close-by? Absolutely.

But, I had a desire to not only train in the martial arts but, to train with the best. And so...

...I had no choice. I HAD to travel to get what I wanted and needed in the way of quality.

What I found was that I learned more during each training event because there was MORE TO learn. That was perfect for me because it gave me more than enough to work on in-between the martial arts seminars and Ninja Camps that I WAS able to attend. And, it also caused me to focus much more than the local students who were there.


I think it was because...

...they took their training for granted. Whereas I did not. Since I went through more in the way of time, effort and money to be there, I refused to let any of it slip by. As a result, I, and many of my friends who also traveled for training, developed our self-defense abilities much more fully - learning our martial art with much greater depth than many who had access to their teacher practically everyday.

Funny, really. Because it wasn't until I became much more interested in the lives of warriors-past, that I realized that this method of training - traveling to one's teacher to spend short, but intense, visits to gain the lessons for mastery, is exactly the same way many of the most famous warriors in history...

...became Legends!

Can You Really Learn Martial Arts and Self-Defense From Seminar Training Only?Tribute To Jean-Claude Van Damme Video Clips. Duration : 4.20 Mins.

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