Dec 21, 2011

Masturbation in Young Children

Masturbation is a very normal and natural act amongst young children. Some early childhood experts state that the practice begins in the baby stage; many young male infants have an oft observed habit of rubbing their genital areas presumably in an effort to pleasure themselves. Some even suggest that the practice of masturbation begins in the womb, an ultrasound of the developing baby may prove this claim.

Problems arise when young children are scolded and corrected over their masturbatory activities; this causes unnecessary fear, guilt and worry in the lives of exploring infants. Perhaps a discussion about personal discretion is in order but negative conditioning about sex and sexuality often occurs in early childhood owing to the shown disdain by parental and other adult figures in the child's life. An aggressively expressed introduction to sexual education is definitely not the way to go!

Martial Art Training

Masturbation is an ubiquitously common activity that prepares young children for later sexual awakening in pubescence. In fact the lifetime attitude of individuals concerning their bodies and sexual pleasure can be set in place from a very early age. Depending on the personal attitudes displayed by parents, either positive or negative, this will affect the psycho-sexual conditioning of the young child.

Masturbation in Young Children

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This video features Ben Warner, who has been a children's instructor since 2001, and several students of varying levels from the YMAA Boston class. Nicholas Yang, the President of YMAA, makes corrections while students demonstrate.

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming makes a cameo appearance explaining the meaning of the Shaolin sun-and-moon greeting.

A detail section is also included with more advanced students demonstrating the techniques in greater detail for refined study.

Later sections offer Training Tips for older students, parents, and teachers, including:

- Safety precautions to follow when practicing Kung Fu. - Benefits and purpose of Kung Fu training for Kids. - Appropriate time and place to use what has been learned.

The discipline and focus achieved through training Kung Fu extends to many other aspects of everyday activities in life, including academics, sports, music, and literature.

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Adding to this, the sexual education that many children learn from the school playground often adds to the confusion surrounding sex and body sense. So it is crucially important that a sound sexual education begins in the home well before the first school-day.

When a child is observed touching their bodies in a stimulating fashion this is often a good time for a parent to have a sexual discussion with the minor. Great care must be taken so as not to put in place negative perceptions of sex and masturbation in the child's mind.

The inability of western society to discuss sex and the prevalent attitudes to sexual knowledge are alarming to say the least. Is it any wonder that impotence and general sexual frustration runs rife among the adult population? Research has shown that many sexual problems from molestation to rape fantasies are often promulgated in childhood. Surely this alone is sufficient reason to start healthy sexual education at a young age.

Let's get real about sexual pleasure and masturbation and give our children a healthy perspective for life. Sex is natural, sex is fun, masturbation is for everyone!

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