Dec 1, 2011

Mixed Martial Arts - Its Roots and Origins

There are quite a few fighting techniques employed in the Mixed Martial Arts. It is considered a Full Contact Sport usually practiced by some real big scary people which many would say have possibly brain damage. Just kidding. Striking as well as Grappling techniques are allowed in MMA Matches. You can use these whether you are standing or on the ground. What makes this sport so exciting is because in most cases fighters with different Backgrounds usually end up competing against each other

The roots of Mixed Martial Arts can be traced to various contests that happened in Europe, the Pacific Rim and Japan. These matches started taking place in the early 1900's. 1993 is when modern MMA started with the Ultimate Fighting Championships. However, MMA events started in Japan in 1989. The whole concept of MMA started because they wanted to find the most effective combat techniques for hand to hand combat by pitting different fighters against each other that were using different styles of martial arts.

Martial Art Training

When MMA started is was brutal. There were few if any safety rules employed in this sport. Additional rules were finally added by later promoters that would increase competitor safety and to allow the public at large to adopt more acceptance of this sport. Rick Blume was the main who came up with the term Mixed Martial Arts in 1995. He is the President as well as the CEO of a company called Battlecade.

Mixed Martial Arts - Its Roots and Origins
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Nowdays you'll find Mixed Martial Arts on TV, but in most cases you'll have to pay to watch it since it's usually just offered on Pay Per View. Royce Gracie was the first person to win an Ultimate Fighting Championship tournament. He took down three opponents within just 5 minutes. This was a historical break through in Martial Arts History. Soon after this the U.S. Army even started to use MMA which now holds yearly Army Combatives Championships.

Mixed Martial Arts - Its Roots and OriginsMMA training by DOGMAN Tube. Duration : 9.60 Mins.

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