Jan 12, 2012

Martial Arts GI GRIP Pull Strength Drill - billscottbjj.com

Martial Arts GI GRIP Pull Strength Drill - billscottbjj.com Tube. Duration : 1.42 Mins.

BJJ Shore Academy students working some grip strength drills across the mats. 732-904-1759 Bill Scott BJJ Team Pablo Popovitch of NJ. FREE 30 Days! Morning and Evening classes to choose from. 10 Academy BJJ Black Belts. www.billscottbjj.com point pleasant bjj, brick bjj, toms river bjj, wall bjj BJJ Shore Academy Team Popovitch of NJ. 732-904-1759 Point Pleasant NJ ..FREE 30 DAYS! NJ Premier JIU-JITSU ACADEMY. Training with TEAM POPOVITCH NJ.... 10 Academy Black Belts Point Pleasant BJJ, Brick BJJ, Belmar BJJ, Wall BJJ, Manasquan BJJ, Toms River BJJ, Howell BJJ BJJ SHORE ACADEMY http Proudly serving New Jersey Counties - Ocean, Monmouth, Union, Mercer, Burlington, Essex, Middlesex, Bergen, Atlantic www.billscottbjj.com http

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