Jul 15, 2009

Ultimate Flexibility: A Complete Guide to Stretching for Martial Arts

Product Description

Last book you've been waiting for You is ductile. Description of a set of practices or techniques, for more flexibility, stretching, martial arts, a complete guide, from the basics of why we practice the style and detailed instructions on the level of movement must be stretching for martial arts. Eminent writer and martial artist on the building height, maximum flexibility in their training to achieve maximum flexibility, you are the guide.

Start the AT - to see the depth of the necessity of stretching and flexibility. , How a beginner, when you go to the advanced technology for fully exercise to prevent certain types of stretching, the best to learn more about the different types. You and the other martial arts books for more detailed exploration of the body or how to make your training and can work will not be able to find a way to have the flexibility to quickly find the information. Kim Sang from the standard height of about 200, the highest level of flexibility that he personally used to achieve flexibility, practice teaches you. Guide, tips, plans to practice setting goals, difficulty level, injury prevention and recovery, and more than 400 photos and get detailed instructions for the guidance. Special bonus sections: 10 Tips for High Kicks falling entire, 20 Tips for 10 kinds of martial arts training for a specific type.

Includes Exercises and Workouts for:

Core Workout
Warm Up
Cool Down
Light Contact
Full Contact
Mixed Martial Arts
High Kicks

About the Author
Sang H Kim is an internationally respected author of 8 books. He currently devotes his time to teaching, writing and presenting seminars around the world.

Ultimate Flexibility: A Complete Guide to Stretching for Martial Arts


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