May 31, 2010

Martial Arts Training Exercise - Against Bullies

A lot of young people (and some older ones too) get into martial arts, in order to be able to deal with bullies. Have you ever felt that fear well up inside you, when a bully gets in your face. Do you need a martial-arts training exercise that will help you develop confidence and a new martial skill, at the same time?

New Martial-Arts Drill

For some, this will be a completely new drill. It involves developing the skill to function at a very close distance to your attacker.

Get a practice partner.

In this martial-arts exercise, your partner can use his or her hands and feet for the advanced version, but I suggest you start out with limitations. For example, in my class, we start with a finger poke to the chest.

You know the tactic. The bully gets in your face and starts poking you in a menacing manner. This is what your partner is going to try to do to you.

Your role is to foil that finger, using only distance.

In fact, put your hands behind your back, maybe in your back pockets.

Your partner steps in aggressively with, say the forefinger, and ... instead of stepping backwards in fear, you step into the finger. Close the distance.

Note: Careful when practicing. It's fairly easy to jam a finger unintentionally. And while this is a good tactic in a real self defense situation, you want to keep your partners in tact, fingers and all.

This Martial-Arts Drill Is Almost a Game

When you step in, settle your weight and jut your chest out.

Your partner's task is to take a step back -- get a little distance, in order to poke with the finger again.

You want to prevent this by staying in close. Constantly push forward, body to body. Don't allow even six inches distance between the two of you.

If you can, step into your partner, so that your Body forces him (or her) to take a step back ... or sideways.

Useful Tactics Martial Arts

Since your opponent can take a step backwards or sideways, it becomes difficult to maintain contact.

Thus, Pivot. Keep driving your partner (Bully).

I'm not really into the sport, but that is very similar to creating a wall or a block in basketball. Furthermore, he feels like pressing forward in a football match. Valley, the shoulder Others

Vote of no confidence against the bullies

This is just an ability to develop the confidence to defend themselves in the street - the power to defend themselves against the tyrant.

Remember, this is not a full specification of self-defense. Develops a capacity ... capacity, with an interval Bully's canteen. At any time, beat the bat or if, although with more difficulty, if you force the flow back.

The club, other>martial arts moves ... but so can you.


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