May 29, 2010

The way of the martial arts master - to achieve success in martial arts and life of Kevin Brett

There are people who treat the class to practice martial arts, like any other hobby or sport, but a few. There is something to make a couple of times a week. Then there are those of us who study, practice and teaching of martial arts means a lot more. Regardless of the specific art or discipline, whatever the art to some of us, being a martial artist and to study our respective martial artsis not a hobby or pastime, but a part of who we are.

Kevin Brett from reading "The Way of martial arts master: Achieving Success in the martial arts and in life," it is obvious that Kevin Brett doctor falls into this category. Brett is a martial artist, not a hobby. His martial study has helped to form what is and gave a vehicle to live successfully in many sectors, not just the physical ability to punch and kick.

Iappreciated the book and found myself in agreement with the board in many ways. In the preface was written by Brett that he knows what he wants on the themes in this book, and where further studies by us all. I think this is an extremely important point, especially in this book, during which many important topics do not go in depth to them. I think the point is that these issues are good, but there is much to study and learn. I feelBrett knows this, so I think his book is an ideal route to point the things that must be investigated further in order to improve the skills of not only a martial art, but life in general. This is a great introduction highlighted areas for further study.

The preface and introduction to this book show that Kevin Brett artist lives as martial arts and not show his training as a recreational space last time, you go short chapters and originsTraditions from China, Japan and Korea. This is not a history book, and like I said, the chapter is very short on the issues discussed. But I think the book will wet the appetite of many readers, the other will then continue their studies to search for historical texts and other books to expand their knowledge of art history and traditions with their own only, but hopes that the traditions, historical and other warriors are not as different styles of martial artsgood.

Chapter two covers training and skills that different areas can be expanded. The third chapter is the same strategy and tactics. These two chapters are most of the road map I mentioned above. You must ensure that they involve all elements Brett writes in his education and study. Many concepts and skills, the Board described briefly in a few paragraphs can continue with other coaches or entire books that are only suspectedConcept. For example, Brett has dedicated a page of text, the concept of timing. This is a very important concept in training in martial arts and Brett important if a brief explanation of why it is. I hope that with this book as a card reader could then groped further education on this concept by the teachers or the excellent book on this subject by my friends Loren Christensen and Wim Demeester Timing "in the arts of combat." This isa field of many, if this book by Kevin Brett use as a catalyst for further work.

Chapters four and showing Excellence, Spirit, which is the study of board and travel as a martial artist Brett is not just learning the techniques of physical and readers want, on the completeness learning Martial Artists can also follow it through some of the concepts discussed in this chapter are the most important elements in the military and a martialArtists. The integrity and honor lost technical skills of Mrs goals any day.

Chapter five, the success of Life offers some good general advice on creating and achieving goals, both with your martial arts training and other areas of your life. Brett stresses balance and I think this is extremely important.

Appendix A is a framework for the study of martial arts, could be adapted and modified to adapt to different training goals.Appendix B provides aid to 52 success quotes, motivate you as you move your personal journey.

Overall I liked this book and feel that Kevin Brett and I would go ahead because of our much of what is a martial artist through education, art can be effective for life for the better. There were times while reading this book I thought to myself: "I have trained or learned, a concept that needs while I work in aLesson. "I suggest you obtain, read it and accept the lessons and information in your workout today. It 's a book worth reading for any martial artist, and I think if we all Brett mentioned in this book in your own training and life can not help you, but a better martial artist and lead a successful life positively.


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