May 28, 2010

Self-Defense and Fighting: When is the best time, a technique to use on your opponent

common term of art used in Japanese martial arts community for the defender as "Tori" while the attacker is called a "uke." When I came through the ranks, my classmates and I rephrased the Japanese word "uke my dummy, but the striker. We did it because someone will be foolish enough to bring the" uke "for one of our instructors during a event was definitely a few doses of a short six-pack. This particular piece of philosophy I would followthroughout my career as a student and as a student teacher, the, what I am today. The first is a student and a teacher second.

Well, as much as I hated the "uke" for one of my teachers, I must admit that I like, the "Bulls" to my students. One thing I am sure that my teachers do not like to admit. My all time favorite "uke" was a student of class opponents. Be ', which he taught for a long time, you know who I'm talking about. Ushad everything that a student who has never believed it when you teach something or live permanently in the country, "what if ..." I had several such students over the years and one of my favorites, was also a friend of mine for a time we called Big Bob.

Now Bob Big Bob was called for obvious reasons. He stood about 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighed just over 250 pounds. It was literally great, and yes, his name was Bob, hence the nickname of Big Bob. At the same time, Ialso had another student who was also named Bob, and his name was Little Bob. However, his stories will be saved for another time.

Because Bob was so great and the fact that he was already a pretty competent fighter, had a tendency not to believe that a particular technique or techniques actually work on a larger person with more experience in a real self-defense. Bob was also live permanently in the land of "what if ..." Needless to say, he was always puttingassuming a position of being my "uke" if he really wanted to or not. This ended up backfiring on Big Bob in a very dramatic way, one night in a class of judo throwing techniques.

How do I show the projection techniques has been one of my other older students, which is about the same size as I did, I could see that look incredulous face of Bob. I knew this was one of those moments when he did not believe that a demonstration of the technique have beenwould work for him. With this knowledge, I decided the course of things that I knew to ask the perspiration to run if anyone has any questions. I guess not, to my surprise, that was the first to raise his hand? That's right, Bob.

Bob was very respectful, but I do not think the shot would prove to work on a larger opponent. The attempt to keep the smile off my face, I asked Bob to step up and to my "uke," while I have shown the effectiveness of the shot. Apparently I was notunexpectedly successful in my joy as Bob hide a case of "Oops, I think I'm in trouble" look on his face and tried to be the "uke" with the statement that he really believes me back. Of course not wanted, and insisted that Bob to step on the carpet, so I told him that his application technology to answer, in fact, work.

Bob reluctantly got on the carpet and went directly to me to stand. Well, if ever practiced Judofirst, you know that your basic position with two people between them, with your right hand to their partners left lapel and your left hand grasped the right sleeve of his partner. This is the position that Bob and I started to explain the subtleties of this movement in the classroom. I told Bob exactly what I wanted and asked him to do what he could to avoid thinking discarded. I moved into position more slowly than normal and Bob has a way ofAvoid cast, he did. I was then trying to throw Bob several times to avoid him, every time it is activated. Needless to say, Bob, believe me, unable to throw him was so far and growing exponentially, he oozes arrogance, it is no doubt that you know is right. Only in this case, nothing could be further from the truth.

Like any good teacher will tell you that is easy to defend against this, theyou know. But it is not so easy to defend against what is unknown. You look so much during this show, Bob knew what I wanted to do, not only because I told him, but I had actually performed the moves more slowly than normal, so he avoided the possibility of it. Although this particular part of the exercise was not aware of it known at the time. You see what I was setting up Bob to do literally, for the autumn. As it turned out that Bob was the victoryBattles, I was ready to win the war.

I tried again in vain to throw at Bob and then brought to class that it seemed that Bob was right to launch this particular Judo should not work on a larger opponent. I then start the lesson and another lesson Bob used again as my uke. "Suddenly and unexpectedly, apparently, instead of kicking with Bob rushed in grabbed a hold of him and performed a beautiful picture perfect hip launch had to scrape the feet of Bobthe maximum ten meters in our dojo as he flew over my head and landed with a resounding thud to the ground. Bob continues to lie on the carpet for a few moments in disbelief that I had just thrown. Finally, Bob got up and I could say that was a bit 'confused. I asked Bob what was wrong and says, "you should take me, take me. I did not know was coming."

"Exactly my point," I replied, "Well, what have you learned?" Bob thought for a minute and thenresponded saying that he needed to be subtle. Not exactly the answer I was looking for, but not bad. I went to talk to Bob, and the whole class that if you expect your opponent is going to do what you say, and then find a way to avoid it or turn against you. That is why it is so important, not your intentions, your opponent is Telegraph. Telegraphing your intentions can be done verbally, as I just demonstrated action or subconscioushow to bend the knees and fists of, moved more slowly than normal, etc.

Remember that the element of surprise is your most valuable resource situation in any combat or self defense. Strive to maintain the element of surprise away from your opponent constantly aware of your adversary, his works, and your environment. This should be done keeping the element of surprise on your side. This is not easy, but it does become easier with a lotpractice.

I am also reminded that the entire class Judo by Dr. Jigoro Kano, a man of slight stature for the express purpose of working against a stronger opponent was founded more. Also, Judo, as in all martial arts, based on the correct use of scientific principles and proper application of technology to achieve their maximum effectiveness.

Remember, ignorance may be lucky, but in reality knowledge is power.

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