Jun 22, 2010

Conditioning for Martial Arts

I just remembered been training as a martial artist, as long as I can. I am very lucky in my military courses have worked and still work, some great coaches and men technically amazing mat. However, it is my experience working with a number of trainers in the past that the current ideas for warming up exercises and conditioning exercises, not really been moved only on the push ups and sit-ups.

I attended a some coaching courses in recent years for some martial arts coaching courses that are registered and sanctioned by 'UK Sport, the Sports Council. For these courses (usually two days), we spent about 10 minutes exercise heating, and that was about "Someone's injury," the party structure of the warm-up to go into a lesson. Just to be fair, the course leader said that we are not there to fitness experts, but are> Martial Arts coaches. Aside from martial arts is very demanding on the body, and I think it is absolutely crucial, not only for performance but for safety practitioners of art actually limited to the specific needs of.

I think as coaches and trainers, that our responsibility to ensure that we have done our best for our students in a safe operation is to educate and market principles. Ialso believe that air conditioning is ultimately for students (unless they are actively looking for an individual training and private) and that the precious time we have in our 1-2 hour course should, if possible dedicated to skills development. This is where the problem lies. Many traditional martial arts teachers want students to work on his own, and at the same time, students will be involved. It 's the dilemma. So, with thisIn this regard, it is important that students get a safe, efficient, quality work outs.

Educating Instructors

Due to the nature of the modern martial art, the vast majority of students beginning-as a means to improve their fitness, rather than going for a ride or just visit a gym. After all, artists are known to form strong and military. Most of the species these days is a curriculum that takes about three years to achieve a black belt, when students work hardand are committed to their education. To a coach, you must be a black belt, and usually have some form of coaching qualification.

From my experience, there is nothing in the curriculum of martial arts systems, safety drills on fitness and exercise, perhaps in addition to the traditional system. modern coaching courses must be respected as a coach that can make and the structure of a class in terms of health and safety.Check Dojo is confident that the necessary assurances and documents, how to keep the classes online and track and so on have. There is no real guidance on safe practice, so that all the new generation of teachers About UPS heat and motion I know is what I know from experience in the classroom. I think it should be enough concern for institutions to guarantee the maximum that teachers are well trained in the art of warm up.

Some myths of air conditioning

Situp, what they do? Sit ups are not necessarily an effective way of cores. They have their place, but as part of a structured program of conditioning. Crunches are really very advanced exercise and rely on good coordination between the hip flexors and lower abdominals. If this vote is not present, then there is a possibility that the pelvis to rotate the right angle and can put pressure on the lower back.

Many martial artists are known forare actually very poor coordination in this area, as the amount of steps and positions of guard zusammenkrümmte and so on. Core conditioning can begin to activate the deeper core muscles to develop internal unity static stability. With the training of students to breathe properly (abdominal breathing) and their contract the transverse abdominis is a good start for beginners. On that basis, it is possible to lower abdominal exercises should be adopted for the construction of dynamic stability areand strength.

Every time you perform abdominal exercises, the correct sequence to set lower abdominals, obliques, then the top. Each training session should be conducted in this order AB.

Benefits of effective core conditioning leads to increased dynamic stability, which have greater resources for injury prevention, increased strength, power and speed.

Stretching is useful? Here is a very complex issue. Everyone has different needs and ensurein a classy environment is very difficult. The attempt to develop flexibility in a class to be great for some, but dangerous for others. As I said, each person is different. Some people are more flexible than others in various joints. When these people extend beyond the joints 'hypermobile' then they are at high risk of injury. Similarly, if someone in a particularly close and not to stretch and strengthen specific muscles, are a dangerInjury.

In my opinion, coaches Should be informed and encouraged to develop warm-up that work on mobilization of muscles caused by certain patterns of movement, the movement carried out during the class activity. You should also be taught about posture and assumed, specific stretching exercises.

Push-ups, push-ups and push-up body weight training is an ingenious method of strength training of initial strength. I am a firmA faithful exerciser can carry their own weight before it can actually increase their burdens. The problem in many martial arts courses that are not commonly used exercises to strengthen all the samples. In fact, they often develop only push model. This often lead to strength imbalances and ultimately impede the performance (it is highly competitive, or in a real combat situation).

Some of the exercises used in joint meetingsPush ups, squats and dips. They are all great exercises in itself and, when run with good form (that is another matter) that can be very profitable. But what about lunge, pull, turn, turn and models? Trainers and coaches need to return to the structuring of programs that are trained to develop these models.

Think about when you throw a punch, not just throwing weapons, goes through the legs rotate through your oblique and core pushand also look for the chest, arms and back. As you can probably gather, is to develop a model that others suffer hinder your technique. What is a hip throw? Bend, twist and squat models. Weakness in each of these areas can have a devastating long-term effects.

More training should be routinely producing too basic, safe and effective body weight, stress the importance of technology and integration of these routines specifically for the needs ofStudents safe practice of art.


The focus of this short article is education. More should be done, students and teachers to educate their coaches, training, safety, routines that are part of what they are trying to achieve. You should know and be provided with sufficient training to maintain safe and beneficial. They have advanced training exercise at the end of the day, what it is trying to docreate a group. However, they should have sufficient basic knowledge about the impact that the improper exercise techniques may have on their long-term students should know when there are students who need to exercise a professional, specialist in air conditioning systems.

I will not give everything away, instructors, or who do this as a negative observation of what are facts, it is just my belief that they are not enough tools with whichTheir students need the most from their training. And it is for organizations and Institutions ECB to act in this case and provide their teachers these skills, not only the basics of how to structure a session, deal with a bad student or hammer home What insurance is needed.

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