Jun 23, 2010

Mixed Martial Arts Training Tips - The heavy bag (Speed-round)

"Ten!" shouts the hunter standing on my forehead, his voice is broadcast directly to me.

I run a different combination made, this time at least six strokes fast against the heavy bag that is braced against him.

Another message roars from his lips: "Twenty!" Her voice seems a bit 'stronger.

I take the rhythm, my next ten shots of any area in seconds. I burst past forty, fifty and sixty hand count with ease. Closed fist in the one hundred markMy arms begin to ache and my hand begins to slow down the speed.

"Speed up there Jeff!" another voice, this time very familiar, from behind me reminds me of my present purpose. Breathing heavily, digging their feet into the ground and speeds up my punches a bit 'more, enough to meet my coach seems for the moment.

Finally, a bell will sound to signal the end of lap one minute. Wiping the sweat of my brow, I'll take a few deep breaths and put me behind the heavyStock, switching places with my partner so he can now points the same. Back and forth, each of us three complete set on the bag. At the end we're pretty tired, but the training is far from over ...

The heavy bag I'm the drill shown in the previous paragraph is one of my favorites. It focuses on the development of hand speed, relaxation and circulatory system, three important structures for a mixed martial arts. I will list some details for you tocorrectly, drill solo or with a friend (which is much more fun).

1) The goal is to launch as many as possible of strikes against the heavy bag in one minute duration of the round.

2) Ideally, you should mix the technical blow by launching a mix of jabs, hooks, crosses and body shots.

3) Take every shot with the right to use the technique, rotation and, instead of just popping the bag with a lot of speed but little power.

4) make copies of a realisticThe distance and the fight is never attitude, too close to the heavy bag, the maximum realism and cardiovascular benefits of exercise.

5) Your partner should be who has to keep pace with the heavy bag quite stable, your shots, screams from every tenth count Stamps (10! 20! 30 !...), that allows you to have a precise idea of where there is more than the number of hits generated.

6) Try to improve your punch count every time this year and beThrow more strikes during your shadow boxing and sparring rounds.

7) Remember, relaxation is the key! Keep your arms relaxed at all times blows, the harder and faster.

The next time you work on the bag, throw in a few rounds of speed to keep your workouts challenging, exciting and fresh.


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