Aug 28, 2010

Karate is violence?

Karate is a violent sport?

The quick answer is No, this is the practice of karate is not violent. To answer this question clearly and completely, you need to understand what is violence.

Violence is not simply the act of striking. According to the World Health Organization, the violence is "the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual Against oneself, another person or against a group or community That results in or is a strong probability thenInjury, death, psychological harm, loss or malformations ... includes physical abuse, sexual and psychological (abuse of power as significant, arising from a relationship, threats, intimidation and neglect). "

In martial arts, this is some confusion, as we see some strong two people meet each other in a fight and automatically think it is. And 'violence when bruises or minor injuries after a fight? Usis a given tolerance for pain, which is people willing to accept before the game. This threshold is known to the individual, but should somehow communicate with their partners. Over time, increases the threshold.

I feel that violence comes from your intention. Their intention is to hurt that person, or point to highlight and change your skills and strategies? If you see that your sparring partner is injured, you must continue to beat him / her to answer orrespectful and again? The problem occurs sometimes when the mood changes adrenaline and your intention is changing too, bad words. It is here that the teaching of control comes into play

In competition with the center referee that called into question. He is to stop a fight when they see that a competitor is no longer defend themselves. The referee must be aware of the person, the threshold and read the signals coming from that person, if he wants to continue or end the fight. IfWe do not have these rules, is no longer a sport or discipline, but a struggle for a street fight.

Karate is used to defend and / or family. We teach respect, control, partnership and courtesy. Karateka (karate), adjust their power based on the ability of their partners. This is called mutual respect for your partner and is an important rule of our dojo. Violence occurs when a person intentionally hurt another person, or do not want strikesconsent without the other person. When adrenaline is high, control is low, and to change plans. And 'now that a true karateka lights and shows his self-control. There are injuries in every sport, but statistically there are fewer injuries in martial arts than any other sport. This is not set down any other sport, it's just the nature of the sport. Serious injuries such as concussions and brain damage usually happens by accident, for example,head-to-head, falls, struck by a bullet. I can not for the martial arts, but the nature of our style of karate and training to prevent accidents happened guarantee. There are actually training in this type of contact sport and learn how to prepare our minds to block strikes, and check the power of your attack.

The bottom line is that we teach in a safe and interesting karate that are promoting violence.

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