Aug 7, 2010

Martial Arts Training Tips - Beginners Guide to punch, elbow and knee strikes


Before Jab & Cross Punch

Shot with hand in front, hold my hand to protect the rear at all times, then fire your ordinary lay on his back foot. If you do this, JAB, put your right hand back to your hat should include hand when you press the crossfire, this should be applied to each of your shots.

According to Hook punch

During the execution of your hook to keep focus on the shoulder and hit the high hat, so that you can not bring the arm, ifPunching, and then a nice wide opening for the opponent to take advantage. This is to avoid a common mistake. It 's always better to practice before the elbow then add the hook to this setting, if you have a hard time keeping your hooks are tight.

Third Uppercut Punch

When you run the upright to keep your elbows down at your side and your destination punch on the chin or below the ribs.
Remember that power comes from a punch from his feet up and forwardYour body from the punch.

Imagine hitting a nail into a piece of wood with a hammer! The hammer does not cause the nail in the wood is the body with the hammer-drive, this is boxing. Use more arm!

Elbows and knees

Before Elbow

The elbows and knees, and the hardest parts of our body with a strike, have utlised Thai professional boxer.

When you hold your hand around the elbow, armpit and elbow WIP around the goal. ByThe development of this strike you down which is also developing a nice hook punch.

According Knees

You can use the knee, with or without the participation of the strike attackers. If you bring your knees and not the awesome power forward and upward, pushing the hips forward. The development of this powerful strike to improve your kicks by developing a double well and improve the flexibility of the hips.


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