Aug 9, 2010

Quintessential pieces of training Shaolin Kung Fu

If you have a good read for my articles a bit ', then you know that great theme of them is a "do stupid things then you must do to" - I love martial arts, I like to learn new ways, and I love integrating things from different styles into jiu jitsu and the softer forms of Dragon Style Kung Fu, while respecting the distinctive elements of Shao Lin Kung Fu.

Well, now, I'll tell you something stupid with someone else, so you can avoid itsError. I love martial arts, she gives me with my martial arts, and so on and so forth, but sometimes I have to touch the basics. The easiest thing to study the martial arts is a change of appropriate training.

I here focus on the exchange Shao Lin Kung Fu training, because I saw something in the dojo that I am really angry. We had reached a new student, to another school before having examined afterLas Vegas, and was excited about showing a new school. I take partial responsibility for what happened next - and I was not careful, I saw some students experts show anything moves, making a puppy or two, and returned to parents who are considering a child has talked about signing up for classes.

I have not seen all that has happened, but the new school was a combination of block-and-punch had learned, and slipped, and one of my students has itsanti-lock and the combination of punches - and both ended long shot. Without control by hand or face masks. A number of bruises ribs, three broken teeth and a subsequent visit, I had EMT's parents take their son out of (his son thought it would be cool ...), and had a really strong presentation of the essential type kung fu safety gear class I was teaching. I'm still hoping this will not raise insurance rates liability of the dojo.

So here for you WantClothing that allows you to move freely. A GI or a blazer, or even a bright yellow jogging suit will this work. If you're a man, you want a cup. You want a shoe that bruises or broken bones in the foot if you keep kicking. You want to have a form completely broken - Bennie, the new student, the teeth - if I was not hurt, would wear a mouthguard.

If you are sparring, you really want to hand protection. You do not need full boxes Gloves, but anything is possible at full speed, without offending someone moves a lot. You make a lot of moves suddenly with a lot of force behind it, and you hurt someone.

Until next time, whatever your style - Tae Kwon Do Muay Thai or Shaolin Kung Fu, for the time to do it safely and learn well!

Yoshi E Kundagawa is a freelance journalist. He covers the mixed martial arts industry. For a free report on Shaolin Kung Fu> Training Gear Visit his blog.


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