Aug 14, 2010

Weapons training in martial arts class for children?

Most martial arts teachers have a strict rule not to allow children to train with weapons. She has many reasons why they are in politics. It is possible that all these teachers making a big mistake?

Martial - arts teacher throw any excuse for denying this type of practice martial arts by young adults and adolescents in classes. Excuses range of insurance against the risk of a lack of seriousness> Training of dangerous goods.

While all of these reasons are valid, I am ready to take that risk. Follow along and see which side of the fence you fall on, arms to prevent the arms with a minor or a training run with:

I know that the formation of coordination weapons for hand-eye. Almost nothing better, if done right. As a language teacher, I know the advantages of the model of a second language to young children. You winproficiency. The same can be said, weapons, training. If you start early, develop a management flexibility, which makes you look natural.

Speaking skill development!

Children in dealing with weapons training

This is also a wonderful opportunity to teach children to take care of their weapons and do not joke with them ... and above all, practical weapons.

Note: As students practice with weaponsvery safe idea. Make it practice compliance with the weapons before moving on real weapons. Also, check for a minimum of experience.

When children work with weapons who teaches a better feel for distance. Since in a different field to work hand in hand, develop a keener awareness of the area.

The possibility of a weapon to turn the body, and defend it creates confidence. Children and young adults need to develop ahealthy self-esteem.

Finally, training with a weapon can be a rite of passage transition. Her younger students have to study for a minimum period of time, up to a certain level of technical skill with their bare hands and show a mature attitude, emotional control and ethical standards, teachers, before entering the army.

If you can work with the weapon in classes of younger students, must take some precautions:

Know your insurance. Make sure you are covered.

Make sure there is any provision to alleviate the responsibility contracts "signed" the parents

Instructions for the use of protective equipment and attitude to all weapons, even those who practice before the student who has never touched a gun

Exercise in a controlled environment with a series of exercises. This is not the time for sparring or free open-styling. The emphasis on control.

Know the students. Divide students into groups ... only the weapons are reliableTraining>.

classes of weapons for young adults to work, if handled correctly. And do not believe what they are for their hand-eye coordination. It helps them improve their techniques with bare hands.

Be safe.

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