Sep 21, 2010

Iron Palm - a closed-door training program for health and strength

Iron Palm training or T'ieh Sha Zhang Gung (iron palm method of sand) is old school training program, the process is a Chinese martial arts systems and many other activists in Asia Traditionally, a student of this program would not be given material until a series of tests to have spent their loyalty to their master action.

Slowly, the old program begins to die in order to initiate many of the famous supportersslowly pulling out of the limelight and be the next area.

The author of this article is the spirit of this program and others like them to be protected for future generations.

Iron Palm training is fairly easy if the mechanics are reviewed. The physical requirements are not very long. A student shall not interfere with heart disease or serious illness, or the effect that their progress.

Iron Palm training requires daily training withHand (s) on strike progressive pockets full of dense material varies, united to it from within, and exercises to ensure internal significantly strengthen the energy channels.

Students learn to relax the body and rid it of excess voltage occurs before striking. This not only helps the health of the best students and also helps to relax them if and when they decide that the ability of good faith in a situation of self-defense.

After standing meditationmade, the student is then applied to the hand Iron Palm liniment drug (s). Without this herbal preparation of the training is useless and meridians can cause physical damage to various nerves and acupuncture.

The hand (s) are then fell into a bean bag / sand / metal-ahead for an estimated amount of repetitions.

Once the hands are involved, the student then stands for a few minutes to return to the earth, and draw energy for the palm trees.

For moreDetails of Iron Palm Iron Vest training and education, please contact the author via the signature contained in the information.

Be good to train hard.


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