Sep 25, 2010

Modern 3 Common injuries in martial arts and to avoid treatment and

modern martial arts training in a safe way to be done, but there are still risks that can not be avoided, lead to injury. These accidents is in training for weeks, months or even years. Let's take a look at the most common injuries and how to cure them and prevent them.

muscle strain - This is particularly common in distinctive shapes with high kicks and usually occurs in the groin. The symptoms are pain in themuscles with swelling and bruising, but this show also for the treatment of a tear, such as intensive care. The rest is the best way to prevent this violation, together with the application of an ice pack to treat swelling and bruising. The application of heat to the environment after a few days, instead of ice is to accelerate the healing process (apply ice directly after training). If the pain does not subside after 24 hours, you should consult your doctor. Trainers in the modern martial artshould be able to see where if you're a doctor willing to go back to training, in doubt, consult one. To avoid muscle aches to perform exercises to strengthen all the muscles of the body should. Make sure you warm up properly using dynamically expands gradually restrict the mobility to get to your current.

Dita ankle and bad - This is often because in arts such as judo and wrestling. If you feel pain in the fingers move pretty normal when youcan not, without feeling too much pain, it is likely that you have broken or dislocated fingers. You should consult a doctor if this is the case. If you can move a finger, but there is a dull pain that you've probably bruised ankle. This is easier to handle, use an ice pack on his fingers to move slowly and avoid the swelling of the fingers, until the pain has subsided. be to avoid this type of injury sure to wear appropriate protection. Arts debate is a common practice in the bandFingers to strengthen them, in striking arts gloves and appropriate work on technique, so it's really punching.

Sprains - Most common in the wrists and ankles. The symptoms are usually pain in the joint during movement, swelling and bruising. Back rest is an important part of the healing process, along with raising the joint and applying a cold pack for 20 minutes several times a day. Once the swelling has gone soft on workExercises that improve mobility, and then proceed to exercises that strengthen the muscles around the joint. be to avoid this type of injury pretty sure to warm up before exercise, wear proper documentation (eg, wear bangles, if you are a heavy bag) and build the muscles around these joints. Distortions are more common in first-year students, as they often do not adjust their technique. Talk to your teacher and make sureImplementation of all the techniques correctly.

The general council of all modern martial arts damage is at rest, use an ice pack and heating properly before the main effort in a workout. If pain persists you should seek qualified medical practitioner. I hope this advice will ensure a safe workout.


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