Sep 26, 2010

2 martial arts exercises scenario

Mirror mirror on the wall ... Scenario training

See your reflection as you are through a window? Do you have hair or simply enjoy each time the image in a mirror? (Yes, I know a lot of martial artists that resemble their own. I'm not a psychologist, we agree with this statement just hangs there.)

If you are the type that does not disturb or take the time to also be looking in the mirror, I'd like to point out thatto start. And for those who already Gazer the mirror, you must set your attention:

For this exercise, you need a mirror on the wall. If an entire wall of the dojo is solid mirror, I would by some of the wall. No unfair advantage with extra reflections allowed (Where's my copy of "Enter the Dragon?")

OK, you're ready for the scenario of education?

Scenario training - recognition at a distance

Have one person stand in frontmirror. on each other on the back of the bar line.

The person in front of the mirror closes his eyes.

Someone steps on the line and calmly about 10 meters away from the mirror as a person. The game is open for the person mirror, his eyes and quickly call the "pirates" on a clock. The mirror is 12:00 clock. Directly behind the person mirror clock 06:00. On the left, call 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, and so on.

The person in the mirror waitingagain with eyes closed, while the student is still in place next to another (or same) of the site. Her eyes are open, and the location is found quickly, without the mirror away. Use a quick look in the mirror for your report.

Note: You can practice with one partner. The only person who quietly positioned in a different location when the eyes are closed.

Scenario Training - power struggles for recognition and response

AfterThe rapid identification and mirrors are used to it, then it's time to bring the attackers in position almost touching. Entities directly or behind the mirror to the right or left. Remember, almost touching.

The victim opens his eyes ... and responded immediately.

Enough said.


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