Oct 2, 2010

Learn Street Fighting Training and Be Better Prepared For Combat!

So what are the best ways to take your self defense and martial arts training to learn street fighting training you want it to be? Let's face it, there are martial arts styles of combat including tournaments but the real stuff is based on street combat. Real life situations and scenarios that happen in street attacks.

Here are some tips to be better prepared:

Learn street fighting training #1 - If you aren't currently active in martial arts, I recommend that you stay in physical shape by doing pushups, situps, body weight exercises, lifting weights at a gym and going for walks, runs, or any other way to stay active and in shape.

Learn street fighting training #2 - Remember that there are no rules when you get into an encounter. If someone attacks you, use the most primal and basic moves to disable and conquer them. Moves like kicking out the kneecaps, eye gouging your opponent, kicking him in the shins, biting him, kicking or striking him in the groin and those types of moves.

Learn street fighting training #3 - Being active in any kind of martial arts training is better then none. Eventually you want your body to adapt to the training, reacting ultimately by itself, like the late great Bruce Lee taught. You want to have any kind of combat training you can get. If you can go to classes great! If you can attend a seminar or mini course great! If you have gloves and can go to the park with a friend and spar, that's good too!


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