Sep 27, 2010

Martial Arts Education - Training Only The best way

Can you teach martial arts? Or, more precisely, we can work to teach you effective strategies for self-defense for them?
Note: I am assuming in this article that you are not a martial - arts instructor. Master martial artists seem to have a talent to know how to teach. After all, they reached their level of proficiency with practice ... often alone.
You are a beginner or intermediate martial artist.And you know education is the best way to improve and solo simultaneously.

The best way is the combination of the following categories of solo training, including the last - which is not a technical "training" alone.

Include the following in the training program:

1) the practice of technology - or as part of a form (kata), or repeated practice - for example, 500 vertical lines.
2) Training Equipment - Punch orKick a heavy bag over and over again. Use all the training equipment you have available.
3) exercise training - footwork coordination with your offensive techniques. Move. Shadow Box. Spar with the door open when your enemy.
4) Get a partner - the practice in response to an opponent. This is technically not practice alone, but there is no teacher training. At some point, if you really want to know how to defend themselves, then they mustan honest-to-hand goodness to you. (You can read the bike all day, but you only get to ...)

Use technology to your practice to develop precision. If you add the training with the equipment, keep your precision of technique.

Getting around with the techniques and added to initiate the footwork, do not allow these movements to be sloppy. Do not pay much attention to where to go, your blows and kicks "wiggle."

Of courseif you put it into practice as a partner, your techniques all over the place. They scramble to defend against real attacks. Their movements, the need to adapt.

However, it should be your goal to bring the precise movements. This is the ability to train effectively on their own - provide valuable lessons in martial arts. And, 'as the master of solo training.


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