Sep 28, 2010

Martial Arts Strength Training

According to various sources on the Internet, an article in the 1996 Iron Man Magazine revealed Bruce Lee's workout. In addition to his cardio and karate workouts, Lee lifted weights three times a week and the following procedure:

clean and presses 2 x 8

Squat 2 x 12

barbell pullovers 2 x 8

Bench Press 2 x 6

hello 2 x 8

Barbell curls 2 x 8

Unfortunately, he injured his back doing good in the morning, almostruined his career. Otherwise, strength training, it was his success that the small structure is credited with helping him add 30 pounds of muscle solids relative.

Although Lee is the famous martial artist ever, it is possible that the strongest Oyama was a man named Masutatsu. Therefore, it will be interesting to contrast Lee's workout with Oyama.

Karate Bull-Fighter

Oyama was one of the first to bring karate to America and founder of KyokushinStyle of karate. Classics from 1958: "What is Karate?" was one of the first books on the subject written in English and designed to make the subject of the Internet to the west.

Oyama initially became famous with stunts such as the karate-style bullfighting. Unlike Mexican bullfighter, the police would actually fight on the ground and break one of his horns. (It was not too popular with animal rights activists in Tokyo.)

Oyama's Strength Training

AfterOyama's 1958 book, strength and speed are important more important than skill for Karate, and speed strength. He also said that it was very important to skip practice.

Here are some tips that gives in "What is Karate?" (He is not an accurate training data.)

Running - 4km per day

Jump rope - 20 minutes per day

Dumbell arm exercise (shoulder press?) - 200 times

Dips - 100 times

Push ups (with hands in fist) - 300 times

Slope SlideUPS - 100 times

Jumping Side Kick on 4 foot vaulting horse

Dumbbell incline bench

Exercises that a partner:

Beat the Stock Exchange with high elbow and side of elbow - 200 times

Football Practice Jumping bag

Exercises for neck (with partner)

Leg exercise (squat with partner on back)

Back and abdominal exercises with your partner

Elsewhere in the book, said he would Oyama bench 175 pounds 500 times a day.

Then thereKarate-specific exercises, such as straw and startling exercises that are specific to the ability to board and stone breaking. All this was in addition to practicing forms, fighting, etc.

Comparing Lee and Oyama

Well, I think the essential difference between the amount of exercise styles, Lee and Oyama. Lee's strength training routine is relatively short, and he avoided lifting on days of heavy training martial arts.

While Lee could performExercise for 2 sets of 8 repetitions (this is fairly typical), Oyama would do it for hundreds of times. Oyama is, of course, is a time consuming approach would require much effort.

If you look at pictures of these men, they are built differently. For Lee, his training goal was apparently to add bulk. Before weight training, he weighed only 135 pounds, and he added 30 solid pounds of muscle.

Oyama, on the other hand, was obviously a stockyGuy, and in his book on weight loss over a period of intense training. In terms of picture of him with other people, I'd say it was probably slightly bigger than Lee (who was "8 5") was. Although Oyama was of average height, not as a child looks like when the next American wrestlers, boxers and those in power.

possible conclusions

The point is, it was one of the words better than the others compare. I wonder what the implicationstheir training style had seen on the road and how much was just genetic.

However, if Oyama struggled to keep his weight down, it sounds like high volume training helped him to achieve. Lee, the other side seems to have been naturally lean and wanted to look better in front of the camera) for resistance to bulk-up training (probable. Too much volume could be counterproductive to this goal.

So perhaps the lesson in this, if you want to lose weightas more and more, it might be worth considering, provided that an old high-volume workout routine, you can do this kind of commitment. look the other way, if your objective as Bruce Lee ... Well, I can only say "good luck"!


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