Sep 7, 2010

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixing martial arts have always been in the history of martial arts in the world. In fact, systems of martial arts were invented most of the art based on a combination and modification of existing ones.

Take the case of judo, Kano was established based on the combination and modification of different styles of Jiu-Jitsu. Modern Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in turn a change in the Japanese Judo by Helio Gracie. Western BoxingOriginally based on the change of western fencing. Kickboxing was found by a combination of karate kicks with boxing blows. Wing Chun is based on the change in long hand Shaolin Kung Fu Systems. Bruce Lee JKD was found by the combination and modification of Wing Chun, boxing and fencing theory.

The list goes on .....

The irony is that while the founders were men who broke the tradition and to combine and change things that work best things for themselves, after he died,consist of their supporters to turn her thesis into a must-not-change system.

Because of this attitude, education was considered a martial art crime disloyalty cross.

In 1990, NHB events as the UFC has taken the martial arts world by storm and thanks to them, cross-training is no longer a sin military. Initially Grappler win, because nobody knew how we should fight, and do not know how to stopTake-downs.

As sport has developed, people began to realize how important it is to cross train.

So I think it funny when fans say things like MMA fighting is the best method. People do not realize that the fight is not better "method" is still evolving. Like boxing, has fought the champions of today very different from the Champs from the 30s 20s and so on.

methods must change, and the minute you think your way is the best, you are done. A good example is theGracie in UFC, like its competitors developed, stopped, and as a result got beat.

There is always a good memory, not to yourself to have too much of an ego, and instead of continuing to learn and change, if you want to get ahead.

One of the biggest misconceptions is the idea that the MMA and NHB events are new. The fact is that throughout history, martial arts and NHB competitions mixing are as old as man.

The Gladiators, death matches in China until it was bannedNanjing killings in 1935, challenge matches in Brazil, swordplay in ancient Japan, etc. MMA is not a new concept, only seems new because it is the first time on Global TV cable.

If people think that the martial art of mixing, you automatically think the UFC, K1, Pride, NHB and other events. But the truth is that it mixes with the martial arts depends on what you are mixing.

The success of that mix up what you thinkinto force. Are you going to give NHB, kickboxing, boxing, sport jiu-jitsu or a stick fighting tournament?

The rules are different, there is no point in mixing your training kicks in when the game plan with the right to a hole? And there is no reason to continue to treat strokes and only if you want the right to a wrestling floor?

This is common sense, but the reason I write this is only because most people believe that if an event Thinking about mixed martial arts.

Again depends on what you mix, that train. With this knowledge you can also design a training program for the best. That said, what tournaments (NHB, wrestling, stick fighting, boxing, mixed, etc.) and what mix of street fighting and real world self-defense very, very different.

Some things you should consider the law of war during mixing> Art in the street is compared to sports events are more opponents, starting with a strong commitment, the use of and defense against weapons, the use of verbal distractions and the element of surprise, that in a fight difficult environment (poor lighting, stairwells, etc..) rather than fleeing from bad to stay to win more to come.

Transfers some tactics in combat sports, attributes and methods is not good for street fighting, but many. Just as some thingsStreet Fighting combat sport can be sent, but so is not. Knowledge of the differences between the ring against a street address, instead of thinking, working method for both is the safest and most effective training.

I hope this helps the average person a little better perspective on mixed martial arts in general.


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