Sep 5, 2010

Street Fighter Moves - Interviews Christopher "Bob" Roberts Martial Arts Versus survival training

Charles - The issue today is how to help people see the clear difference between martial arts and reality of street survival training. Can you say, Bob, say, four major differences in these two?

Bob - Yes, I can do.

The number one difference is - time to learn - before you go and learn martial arts, and people talking about five years, 10 years to yourblack belt. But my problem is when I train with you today, I want you to be prepared to survive a battle tomorrow. Street self defense and street survival is to learn how to defend themselves very quickly. We're not talking about years before they can fight.

Charles - Excellent.

Bob - now -

The second difference is - the need for constant training - based on martial artsThe repetition of techniques. Martial Arts Fitness, according to some. And when a teacher teaches reality-based fighting someone on the street, they teach that for them to learn, understand, a time when it is not necessary in this one for each train to one day be able to do two years or .

The third difference is - security technology is not my opinion, necessary to train people in the struggle for survival - Full Contact training teachesSting, for example, with the mouthpiece, no. With hat and gloves, teaches you not to attack the eyes - not to attack his neck. So if you see someone who makes contact with the extensive training, which protect the safety training you teach your students are not particularly effective techniques available for use by the few.

The fourth difference is - in principle no tricks technology - a good reality-basedTeachers could learn the basics for someone on strike throat, kicking someone in the knee, someone tested, etc., in a very short time, you will understand even if we do not know exactly what to do to do that in a Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase third type of explanation.

With martial arts, have complicated techniques and take years and months to learn, and if you have never forgotten. A reality-based instructorshow, this is an easy way to hit someone in the nose. This is an easy way to break some of the body of the leg. And that's all. And if I understand you do not have to be perfect to achieve the same effect.

Charles - Wow. Well, thank you very much, because this is definitely a new light on the differences between these two concepts. Thanks, Bob,.

Bob - Thanks.


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