Sep 4, 2010

Martial arts training for the mind

If people think that martial arts or sports training for athletes, the images that come to mind schemes are punished, sweaty body, limbs and be washed out of breath. Yes, of course, all this is true because the improvement of physical and sports league at the highest level, took enormous effort, discipline and sustained effort.

How many people, but consider the mental side of training? Few people knowthe power of the mind, as we train so much and how often and how successful we are in this formation.

Why train the mind?

We should also worry about this fact if we thought our efforts to improve performance? Of course we should! It 'important, necessary and extremely useful. You would not train the lower body and not the top right? Since it is not an arm and the other? No, certainly not. The spirit andBy this I mean, our imagination and our attitude, the difference between average and exceptional, mediocre and good!

The difference between success and failure

Ask any athlete, even if they win their events, while their education and you say YES to see! This is training the mind for success. I wonder about some people I meet, to be able to admit their date of graduation or during the preparation of the competition, to see themselves lose. ThisIt 'a shame, because what happens here is to get that they are letting their imaginations in terms of success.

Pictures of success

Now we all have doubts and it is realistic to envisage defeat a worthy opponent and better, but we must not indulge in this fantasy, even if not true, or not yet happened. We must replace this image of success and victory. If this is to win the contest, pass the test, or simply classificationImplementing technology in the right direction in the class, we exercise our mind and convince him to work for us instead of against us.

How are we doing this?

Well, what if a technique, do it wrong done? Thinking of you do not want to do so try again. Eventually, you get it right. It 's the same thing with your mind, you might say, I do not want to see the picture of defeat again and replace it with an image of success.

Well, it iseasy first to get rid of these negative images, but can be done, and if you train physically, then you will be able train mentally. Begin to develop over time, a picture of you reach the desired success. Make it big and bold and colorful. See people congratulate her and impressed by your efforts and feel that sense of achievement to which the target is met.

In this way, you begin to build your imagination the image of successand it feels more natural. Your training will improve your technique and your body begins to adapt to the success of your inner attitude!


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