Oct 30, 2010

5 steps to choosing the right martial art for you

One of the questions I asked most often, other martial art changes a person should generally be in the studio, martial arts, and above all, to choose the school, someone should take the basic decisions. My answer is usually something along the lines of "choose the school and the system, will you stay with stock and, therefore, for the rest of your life."

The reality is that the responsebe different for each person. What I will try in this article is a set of general guidelines. I want to talk about art very general terms on various martial arts, and what schools are looking at A. Ultimately, every teacher, every school will be completely different in each system.

1. Dispelling a common myth

Only religion and politics, how many people really believe what they are doing the best thing in the world. One has onlyto see a cursory examination of the psychological principle of cognitive dissonance, so you did this. So many schools have the right to education, "The Ultimate secure, deadly, secret system of self defense, combat ever devised by the gods." Just to be blunt - I'm full of shit.

In a sense, much of this stuff a marketing position. Heck, everyone wants to study the best thing in the world. If it was something that everyone would study. Some martialart schools can become very cult like, and that's where the cognitive dissonance Practitioners actually comes to believe their marketing stuff.

The truth is that the style will not fight for you - you are. Each person is different and there is a better system for everyone. It would be quite scary for me, a sumo wrestler in the face of struggle, but would also be expected for me to take sumo and well-being silly.

Claims of superior systems that canlethal injection as a Navy SEAL in 24 hours also stem from the American culture. It 's a shame that we are on the Internet and MTV generation always looking for a shortcut, a quick fix. It makes many of us a lot of very valuable and important things are missing.

2. Let's start with you the

If I can help answer some important questions about yourself and your interests, it must be done for you, most of the work on choosing a school of martial arts is the best.

First andLine, what you want out of martial arts - Yes, yes I know he wants to learn self-defense, in the list. But people studying martial arts for a number of reasons. She wants a little 'exercise, you must want to meet new people, you just want to get rid of stress, you want a new hobby, and you think the uniforms look cool. Do you really think and write your reasons. Everything is valid and your reasons are yours. Then I would give priorityReasons - are more important than others. Maybe get in shape is your main goal - if so, can study to help determine a position.

3. What style?

Now, let's talk about 'systems or styles. A system is only the type of martial art of Kung Fu, or you will be studying as Karate, Kendo. The differences between styles can also help determine where to look.

The main difference between most of the martial arts style fire.Some arts like Tae Kwon Do kicks to focus on large movements, while others - like the Kendo focus on a specific weapon. Body Art and interests (as we have already discussed) helps you to think a bit 'to focus on style. I am very interested in what looks like self-defense training: Because I'm built like a fire hydrant - short and wide, in a little 'slow I am. Ketsugo Jujutsu proved to be the best way for me, as it focuses on the scale of the opponents, who were not lower in the soil, andFighting in the area, where we get guys soon.

In addition to fire a scale of formality, informality. For me, formality is a measure of value to label things as training, ceremony, clothing, style, method of addressing the elderly, etc. Many models from the Japanese and Koreans are very formal. At the other end of the informal level, you may have a cardio kickboxing class at local gym. At the other end of the scale you could have a formal style, such as kendo, the importance of bothAppearance and etiquette.

Neither formal nor informal is better or worse, is a matter of preference. I personally enjoy some of the formality of traditional Japanese martial arts. To me they are building character and form a strong mood that carries over into his everyday life. For others, the formalities are difficult to understand and can do a little 'less formal.

The following is a list of styles that I sold most of the less formal. This provisionIn my best knowledge and it is neither absolute nor understood. Many would be right with where I put things in the list view, but this should be a general guideline. Here, too, is to go every single teacher in every school to be different. This is meant as a starting point:


Kendo / Kumdo


Tae Kwon Do



Kung Fu



Tai Chi / Bagua / Hsing-Yi

Arnis / Kali /Escima





While you're on the internet already, it would pay to do some research. Look at some pages of some of the styles I've listed here. Get some general information about the focus and formality. See what you think interesting. Make a small list of styles that you might be interested in pursuing.

4. Practical issues

OK, now you are looking for some soul and did some research and you have a list of species that can beLearning to be concerned. Now we have to talk a little 'life. If interested in Kendo, but next school 200 miles away - can not be a practical choice.

You can certainly look through the Yellow Pages to schools in your area or ask people do you know whether he is aware of the schools. A word to the wise: Your friends are always trying to come to your school and you can get to you and not be offended, or if not then to visit one another. This is definitelysomething to consider.

Some practical things to consider school location and proximity to home / work, cost and capacity, and other fees, schedule and pay for how it fits into your schedule. Other things can also be important to you such as car parks and equipment - write them.

You should reduce the potential list of schools for the criteria, but is necessary for your visit more than one to help you plan a sense of comparison.

5. The choice of aSchool

The following is a list of things I suggest you see when you select a school or a teacher. To me, these factors are more important than any of the above factors and can make or break your martial arts experience.

OR If you call the school, all answers to your questions, and answered honestly? Sometimes people answer the phone to answer may not be able to manage all of your questions. It should be someone who can, or call someoneback.

œvery outside school should offer at least a free trial class before signing. How else can you determine if you want to study there? The best thing is to look for other schools to give you a comparison.

O If you go to school is an unsafe practice, or students are admitted in a dangerous manner or without the supervision of exercise?

ois the schools without sanitation and unsafe conditions?

I hear students and teachers show respectall? This covers a formal address to which everyone learns, and no one is abused.

OBE prepared for the fact that many schools these days require a contract as a gymnasium. Make sure you are clear on the conditions of the contract if you decide to give a sign to get on and do not worry, if you're with the conditions.

school very cult-like attention seeking to up-selling programs are intensified black belt and the like. While some of thesemay be legitimate, there are so many crooks in the black belt. You must be very clear about what you pay forward.

Odo of teachers and older students show a lot of skill in the art that teach? This can be difficult to determine because great martial artists are often very subtle. However, teachers and students should view the knowledge, skill and balance, which shows more clearly.

oMost all, trust your instincts. If somethingthe school does not sit right with you, probably not right. Be sure to talk to sellers quickly, trying to sweep your concerns under the carpet.

Note that the choice of the right and the right school teacher leading the style. If you have a school that you like to study with a teacher you like and train with students who are inspired - is likely to stick with your art court-martial -. The longer you stick with it the best sixto obtain. We hope that you find a positive life long journey to the hidden benefits of the shower as my martial art has on me.


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