Oct 26, 2010

Live Ninjutsu Training Or Ninjutsu Videos?

Ninjutsu, the ancient martial art of the Ninjas, has always been mysterious to most people. There is talk that it never existed and is merely a figment of someone's wild imagination. Others claim it did exist and even continues to do so today. Some say it's real but that it did not exactly originate from the ancient times. All of these lead to the question, did Ninjas really exist? Were there really people who could be so fast and skilled that they could make themselves disappear without you noticing? Whatever truth there is behind the Ninjas, there's only one thing we can attest to - Ninjutsu is practiced in the 21st century.

If you're one of those who are seriously considering Ninjutsu training, you'll have three options. You can learn it with a private coach, by yourself through DVDs and other media, or you can combine the two.

If you want to have a private coach, you need to find someone who has good training, skills and coaching experience. It's one thing to be good in Ninjutsu and it's totally another to be good in teaching it to someone else. You can look online and hit a search on Ninjutsu trainers so you can start choosing which one could be the best for you. If you just don't trust those names you find on your search results, look for organizations, instead. Here, you're likely safer and surer in finding someone who is an authentic Ninjutusu expert.

On the other hand, if you simply don't have the time to devote to regular training with a coach, you can rely on books, ebooks, DVDs, or an online course. These will offer the same training that could be provided by a live coach, but you'll be dealing mostly with videos and other instructional materials.

Obviously, when you rely solely on home training using these resources, your knowledge and practice of the martial art will be limited. No matter how well-written the instructions or how perfectly executed the moves on the videos, nothing can substitute a live person teaching you. With a coach, you can ask questions and quell any doubts you may have, thus, making you more confident in what you do.

It's easy to think that having a live coach is the best way to learn. But then again, that could be so but only if you have all that time to devote to training and if you have enough budget for paying a coach. But if you go to the office everyday or don't have enough money to hire a trainer for a daily session, you can consider combining live and home training. You have someone to actually show you how to do the moves and you'll have something at home to remind you of those moves as you practice by yourself.


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