Jan 10, 2011

Ninja martial arts training on mats - in the Dojo Floor Installation Guide

I have education and training in martial arts for over 20 years. At that time I have trained for almost any terrain or surface. How Martial Science and Ninjitsu practitioner, it is essential that we train in conditions closer to the real world. This is one of the reasons that are taught most of my classes and camps outside or in a local park.

However, there are times when one or education under the same roof or on a mat in agood alternative. Over the past 10 years I learned to love the formation of a type of training or martial arts mat surface as the primary martial arts for my floor mats. These carpets are called "puzzle mats" and often "Jigsaw mats. After training with them many times, we call them now, "Mats Martial Science." Equally important, a uniform fine, we have these interlocking mats are our elected foam gym matChoice.

The reason I like them so much, all because of their versatility and convenience demonstrated before for all our different training programs. - Contact We tested these rugs with full sparring, grappling, Fitness Kickboxing, self defense, and of course our system of science of martial arts training martial art that includes roles, falls, kicks, blows and more areas of martial arts.

Until I opened my firsttwo dojo in Fresno, California, I had never heard of puzzle carpets. I remember, was of the order of about 100 mesh in I (and one of my students long-term storage from Holland) opened and examined it curiously. The first time you open the boxes, you will notice that the new pads have a characteristic smell rubbery. Just like the smell when you enter a tire shop or after painting a room. If you are sensitive to smells like this, most of the air from the first carpettake the time to assemble them. We decided to get out the mats of the speakers (there were only about 5 in each box) and open all windows so the air.

The first school was about 1000 square meters with a solid concrete floor. We started putting together the mats that the connecting sections above the other and then out of our hands and knees - pushing each piece in the next (then with the experience we have learned from all this is done). Each pad has been little more than 3Foot width and length. So we had a lot of mats for the room we had to cover.

After about 15 minutes our area was now completely covered with beautiful rugs red carpet. However, the width of the mats was about a foot longer than the width of our land. Since we wanted wall to wall carpets, we simply used a knife to cut the mats, where they met the edge of the wall. The EVA foam mats are very easy to cut. This gave us a perfect fit and a few pieces we have in most matmight elsewhere. Since this first installation, I have all these mats. I used to stay at the events, creating an area of job training or a place that needs a protective mat or area.

For more information about Puzzle Mats and Martial Arts Gear for the dojo, please visit the website Pad-up martial arts l '.


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