Jan 11, 2011

Tabata training method for martial arts fitness training, regardless of style

The extremely short duration of the Tabata method means that easily in one sitting the whole protocol takes only 4 minutes are recorded, although four minutes of class, everyone will remember that! In addition to improving aerobic and anaerobic fitness, high intensity training many calories you burn fat in these hours after exercise, increases the metabolic rate as. Moreover, the intensity of the representatives on-off protocolbesieged by competition and self defense. comprehensive approach to the martial arts fitness is ideal for all martial arts, both traditional anti oriented.

The Tabata method consists of eight rounds of 20 seconds and 10 seconds break effort that reads easier than the reality. The same training can include training almost every aspect of your martial arts. The versatility of the protocol allows both air-conditioningExercises and skills to be trained together or separately depending on the focus of a special training. Mix a little 'adds variety and makes it more fun.

The adaptation of the protocol

While the Tabata protocol is very stressful in itself, it is possible that the intensity for beginners or to reduce consumption or increase if necessary. The following methods work or so, depending on the destination.

Set Speed

Reduce the number ofRounds for beginners will take them to build a line of departure, while the increase in the number is an exercise more difficult for experts.

Setting the date

Change the employment relationship at rest makes the workout easier or harder. Beginners can start with 10 or 20 seconds and 20 seconds of quiet effort, while efforts to expand the experience, reducing the rest periods for more intensive sessions.

To set theExercises

Beginners would be able to make regular push-ups and squats, while draining experience push-ups, squats, or jumping like.

Potentially martial arts expert and beginners can get information to do the same workout, with adaptation based on the previous year. An alternative would be for each group to conduct the training for separately, makes the short duration of the Tabata workout this possibility in a formal classroom environment.

The choice ofExercise

Some thought that, in the exercise of choice is necessary. First, conditioning exercises and / or tax the skills of the aerobic system, do not want pure strength based exercises lifting weights, for example. Of course, progressive exercises are chosen so that beginners can make your workout with Tabata method with the train experience.


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