Aug 14, 2011

Martial Arts Training - different music for different purposes

Have you ever practiced martial arts with music? And 'in the background, or is it dominated the field of training and what kind of music do you play? The wrong music can benefit from training, but with the right music ...

Martial - Arts Purpose
If you incorporate the music, trying to achieve what?

Martial Art Training

This is a good starting point.

Martial Arts Training - different music for different purposes
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You can set the beat of martial music -Drilling> Art. I often hand "on the beat."

It 'can also set the mood before you start working out. If you feel empty, then an uplifting music could help in some "therapy of mood regulation."

I use different music at different points in my training.

Repetitive Martial - Arts Exercises
If I hand over and over or come over and over again, I want something that is fast-paced feel. This makes sense, right? Helptime to go faster.

I like the music from action movies - everything from Pirates of the Caribbean, an old movie by John Carpenter (maybe something with "Snake Pliskin"). I also like movies where someone works, trains and improved. It may seem trivial, but also music, such as Eye of the Tiger, Rocky is a film in front of me, too.

Sil Lum Tao Plus
Most of the time, I train the first form of wing chun in super-slow motion. And 'the way I was taught, and I feelIt provides the greatest benefit.

If I have a form of practice, and I do not know a lot of practice, I prefer music "space". I like Pink Floyd, Enya, Enigma, Camel, and a few others.

Nothing is better than Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene is slowing down, while going through a routine Chi Gung.

More Martial - Arts Music
This article made me think more. (I know - dangerous, right?)

I have been accused of some screams, eerie, eery music during practice or thought. I wonderIf you could be my level of nerves or heart rate to influence with some blood clot.

It 'just a thought. I might for a interesting scenario to do some practice.

Martial Arts Training - different music for different purposesThe mechanics of the Triangle choke - BJJ & MMA submission tutorial Video Clips. Duration : 6.23 Mins.

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