Aug 20, 2011

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) repeat drilling training

The first time you learn a new mixed martial arts combat technique, both at basic or advanced, it is important that we piece in smaller units easy to learn. Pieces once they get easily assimilated by the repetition must be practiced in order to learn. Only to repeat them over and over again in a session has its limits.

Studies on a simple nervous system showed that more than 10 repetitions of a task in aSitting does not result in increased retention, but also the implementation of a single session to learn a new piece of the material leads to very little retention for a longer period than those who were involved in serious training in the martial arts are well aware.

Martial Art Training

The most effective method of repetition in order to obtain hole retention is more effective to spread the repetitions over several sessions.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) repeat drilling training

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One method that has demonstrated a high degree of effectiveness, Implementation 7-10 repetitions of a particular technique in a training session. And then you repeat a minimum of nine meetings reviewed within several days or weeks. The first session may repeat the same session (I would suggest at the end of the session), the next day after a week together, etc. The more review meetings, the faster the optimal conservation.

Another common problem is that many of us experience in mixed martial arts> Combat Arts and Muay Thai training with repetition is boring, that of boredom. This has a negative effect on the retention of the learning process is seriously compromised if we are not focused.

Concealment of reps in practice, combinations, and games that combine the specific skills targeted uses, is a very practical way that will help you get around this issue and offers the versatility of the game for drilling techniques with different configurations to increaseCombinations or counters are used against them.

Another basic strategy I use, in particular in working life through my Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts fighting techniques, is a repetition of the technique (s) as often as I did, until the Boredom can see, recording the number of repetitions performed in my training diary and then repeat the process in another session.

If you develop this strategy, a scalediscipline determined to complete a certain number of repetitions. I would suggest a minimum of 60 spread over 2 year period for the maximum.

Note that this is for learning and maintaining a new technology, not the best of it refined for maximum effectiveness, it will be necessary for the rigors of fighting in mixed martial arts and Muay Thai competition. This requires the development and refinement of the various attributes neededFor optimum performance art, such as: speed, timing, flow, balance, move the link with the next change of control, corrections in the balance, preparation for response to the movement of the opponent, etc.

Under your mixed martial arts training at this level requires a lot more reps and expose the power of technology to increase the risk through controlled sparring and randomly.

In order to ensure the best learningStart learning technology and the technique of drilling conditions completely cooperative in order to get it right, which is the retention period referred to above.

Once a high degree of effectiveness will then try to use the technique to fight sparring drills under controlled conditions or controlled performance, when your training partner has moderate problems. Increase your effectiveness as you start to use in sparring, working initially against less experienced opponentsup to top-level opponents.

Improve with this strategy for the development of drilling techniques, not only your game but also the repetition of training much more enjoyable in the mixed martial arts fights.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) repeat drilling trainingMuay Thai Techniques Tube. Duration : 2.75 Mins.

El Muay Thai se ha convertido en un símbolo nacional de la historia y la identidad del Reino de Tailandia. Sus raíces están en el Muay Boran, variante tradicional y arte marcial a su vez; en la actualidad esta disciplina complementa al Muay Thai.

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