Mar 29, 2010

What Samurai, Shaolin monks and martial artists have in common?

At first sight, meditation and martial arts as opposites. Being the two images can in fact create a meditation thoughts Monaco in a temple and say mantras. While the other, a martial artist as one to shout his kararteka palpitations, sweating, and Kia, during the execution of explosive movements.

On the surface it would seem these two fictional characters have nothing in common. However, meditation has long been closely linked '> Martial Arts. From the beginning, the Shaolin monks, Bodhidharma in China and the Shinto religion of Japan, meditation is part of martial arts training schemes have been.

Even today, martial arts and mysticism in the minds of the East bound. The connection between the samurai and Zen are legendary and this spirit is still in various Japanese martial arts.

Most of us who train in traditional martial arts, with the idea of using knownMeditation to continue our progress as a well-rounded karate. Meditation works on your mood and even the basic techniques are learned, when you perform the kata () predetermined movements like moving it just another form of Zen meditation.

Other arts such as Aikido, Iaido (the art of drawing the sword), Tai Chi, etc., give at least as much attention to mind the students, as the technology. In addition, meditation can lead to all kinds of unexpected benefits in ourPractices and our lives. As already mentioned, there are many different ways, but basically it means clearing your mind and focus your attention on what you want for your target ay any time today or in the future. In short, each chapter of your martial art is a part of everything. It must be borne in mind reading, only part of the book will not help to understand the entire book.

In addition, the ancient masters of different fighting styles parties has the same state of mind, which ledthe slogan: "There are many different approaches to the mountain top. But when you reach the summit and look there's only one moon. Whatever path you decide bases always the same: concentration (relaxed mind) Consciousness (calmly and clearly exempt) and Unit () of your mind, but this is the ultimate goal of meditation.

The result, both the concentration and clarity, calm and unity with the objective to focus minds. (Zanshin, a condition that the potentialPreparation). For the hunter, martial artist, the drive means to move with the technology, the ability to react spontaneously and no matter what, after all, are convinced that this is not the ultimate goal of all self-defense and training of protection that we do? Thus, as the techniques of instinctive, it gives you the possibility of technology at the right time to use and that is how you can win the battles. You can forget the ego or self-image, it is only concentratedSpirit to win the fight, no matter what.

Finally, if only to meditation practice is a mental formation, which aims to activate your own built-in responses combat car. She also teaches how to pass and then back on the attack from a state of aggression and by constant practice, you learn to activate the automatic success mechanism.

Zanshin memory, alertness possible.

They train hard.

Buzz Campion.


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