Apr 2, 2010

Martial Arts Book Review: Knife Self-Defense for Combat by Michael D. Echanis

Author of numerous books on martial arts and fighting, I'm always looking for books of exceptional quality to add to my library. If I have a book in my library, it is definitely worth owning. This book is Michael D. Echanis "," Self-Defense for Combat Knife. "This book is directly influenced by the Korean martial art that Hwarang, and its current Grand Master Joo Bang Lee, who had studied Echanis premature death, beforeNicaragua.

This book together with his two companions volumes, "Basic Stick Fighting for Combat" and "Knife Fighting Knife Throwing for Combat," were not originally released to the public, but were only recognized and certified instructor of self defense. These books were originally military manuals, training elite military units in the United States. These units such as Special Forces, Army Rangers, Navy SEALs,etc.

This volume, like the other two starts this series with a small section on the history of the Hwarang They and their relationship with the melee combat. This section is art followed one another awesome short that deals with the theory and the internal dynamics make it a lot.

The next section of this book goes into very good detail in the basic principles of defense against an attacker armed with a knife in question. This section is very well done andoffers a lot of very good advice. He then concludes with the following:

4 Essential Rules of unarmed self-defense against an attack of weapons

1st Clear your body from the weapon's firing line and the angle of attack.

2nd stabilize and control the weapon ...

3rd Disarm the gun ...

4th neutralize the enemy ...

This section concludes with the following quotation from the author: "No matter how well the expert disarmed disarm an attacker armed, remainsExpert vulnerable to small arms. "It has been said on the subject, there are no truer words?

The author goes on 38 basic ways to disarm an assailant who is armed with a knife show. The author stresses that these examples only to readers of this book as a guide to find the right technology, the resort works for them. It is not intended to be a panacea or the gospel of self-defense knife. Use your ingenuity to find and develop theirmethods of self defense with those of the author is listed as a guide.

I have other opinions, readers have read where some of the steps in this book criticized as too complex and unrealistic in nature. I do not think this is the case and not see that when I read the book when the author intended. However, if you read this book under the impression that these 38 techniques to be performed exactly as they appear instead as they were intended to be an AThe leaders pass through, then yes, I could see where the misinterpretation may occur.

Despite the clarity of the recordings was excellent and easy to follow, I felt that the descriptions could have been a bit 'longer and more detailed. I would have liked to see some close-ups are photos of some of the hook and hand positions. Moreover, this is a very good book and one that should be able to shop on your list, if not already the same.


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